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Chapter 299: Scorching Elemental Shellfish Settled

This completely jade-textured green elm was much bigger than the jade-textured green elm that Gao Feng’s grandfather had used to carve the picture of thousands of mountains and hidden peaks.

Gao Feng realized that Lin Yuan would always be able to bring out such a precious item so indifferently and calmly.

Lin Yuan used his hand to knock on this completely jade-textured green elm before he asked Gao Feng, “What do you think of the quality of this completely jade-textured green elm that weighs 250kg?”

Gao Feng was startled at first before he started to look at this completely jade-textured green elm with eyes of disbelief. Since Lin Yuan said it was 250kg, it meant that it wouldn’t be less than that.

How could this huge piece of completely jade-textured green elm not be the best quality of goods?

As Gao Feng carefully observed, he took a tool out of his flower petal-shaped fey storage box. This tool was specifically used to measure if the wood was completely jade-textured.

Gao Feng felt that this world was simply too insane. However, it still put a smile on his face. Gao Feng instantly felt that if he could purchase this completely jade-textured green elm and gave it as a gift to his grandfather as a New Year’s gift, his grandfather would certainly be overjoyed.

Gao Feng might be the only direct line descendant of Wind Mist City’s prestigious Gao family, but he still felt that this was rather troublesome.

This superior jade-textured green elm wasn’t something that could be traded with regular items.

Gao Feng might be able to use the Gao family’s resources as he desired since he was the direct line descendant, but he didn’t wish to use the Gao family’s shared resources to purchase a New Year’s gift for his grandfather.

Therefore, even if Gao Feng could use the Gao family’s resources, he still wanted to pay for this jade-textured green elm from his own little vault.

As a direct line descendant of a prestigious family, since a young age, be it Gao Feng’s birthday or New Year’s, the seniors would always shower him with plenty of great gifts. Therefore, Gao Feng’s little vault was rather ample.

In Gao Feng’s opinion, if he used the family’s shared resources to trade for this completely jade-textured green elm, he would be lacking in filial piety.

Gao Feng asked carefully, “Brother, I wonder what are you planning to trade this completely jade-textured green elm for?”

Lin Yuan responded with a sunshine smile. Lin Yuan enjoyed dealing with people like Gao Feng, who wouldn’t try to beat around the bush. Therefore, Lin Yuan went straight to the point and spoke of his plan.

“I wish to have a Scorching Elemental Shellfish.”

Once Lin Yuan said his terms, Gao Feng’s expression immediately turned bitter.

“Brother, the price of a Scorching Elemental Shellfish isn’t as low as an infant Elemental Shellfish! Even if you have three pieces of th

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