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Chapter 300: Red Thorn’s Fated Opportunity to Upgrade into a Fantasy Breed

Lin Yuan’s Diamond fey storage box had a total of four completely jade-textured green elm wood blocks. When Lin Yuan stored precious wood inside the Spirit Lock spatial zone, he would put in four blocks for each of the precious woods. He had already evenly allocated space on the two giant platane wood racks.

With a wave of Lin Yuan’s hand, the three remaining jade-textured green elm were taken out of the Diamond fey storage box. “Apart from the three agreed blocks, I still have one more block of jade-textured green elm. All four of these green elm blocks can be used to create beds, couches, dining tables, and other big items.”

When Gao Feng saw Lin Yuan bringing out three more of the completely jade-textured green elm, the joy on his face had already leaked out.

The jade-textured green elm had a very strong function to nurture vitality. If they could be used to create beds and couches, it would be simply too suitable for his grandfather.

Gao Feng would never dare to imagine using the completely jade-textured green elm to create beds and couches in the past. At the same time, Gao Feng was rather touched because Lin Yuan’s action now was to return the favor.

Gao Feng viewed friends with great importance, and he would definitely help people who he defined as friends. However, when making a friend, the most terrifying thing was when he made contributions, but the other party ignored it.

Gao Feng never expected that when he was merely helping out Lin Yuan with a small favor, just like a stalk of weed, Lin Yuan would actually turn back to give him an entire elm tree.

In fact, on Lin Yuan’s side, he also had his own principles.

With his two lifetimes of experiences, Lin Yuan understood many logics. In this world, apart from family emotions, all other emotions were mutual. Therefore, when receiving kindness from others, Lin Yuan would never accept without reciprocating.

Gao Feng looked at the four blocks of completely jade-textured green elm that were emitting green jade-like luster. He felt rather touched and said, “Brother, just tell me, what do you wish to trade with the fourth block of jade-textured green elm?”

In Gao Feng’s opinion, having an additional block of jade-textured green elm to create a bed or couch for his grandfather as a gift was simply great news.

“If you wish to trade for this fourth block, then just provide me a mid-grade strange flame.”

This huge block of completely jade-textured green elm was fundamentally more precious than the Flower Brocade Pearls. Therefore, when Lin Yuan asked to have a mid-grade strange flame, he was actually returning the favor to Gao Feng.

After all, Gao Feng only decided to trade with Lin Yuan because the latter really needed the Elemental Shellfish. On the other hand, Lin Yuan also wanted to obtain more mid-grade strange flames. He would then feed all these mid-grade stran

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