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Chapter 301: Third Page Eternal Sin

The Mother of Bloodbath suddenly looked out of the window toward the north, and a trace of nostalgia flashed in its eyes.

It turned its head and said, “Three more days. I’ll slightly prepare in these three days. We’ll leave on time in the morning three days later.”

In the past few days, the most miserable person was certainly Crow. Its emotions had been changing dramatically.

At first, Crow’s emotions were mainly a mix of anger due to the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree’s theft and fear due to messing up Lord Seventh Page War’s mission.

However, the anger due to the theft of the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree had been dominant.

Gradually, Crow no longer had the mood to pay attention to the anger due to the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree’s theft, which could allow it to have the chance to promote to Myth III. This was because its mind had been completely overtaken by fear.

At that moment, Crow kneeled on the ground in the room as indefinable fear suppressed it on the ground, causing it unable to move. This pressure contained an extremely strong desolate intent.

When a voice of pity and mockery sounded, the table in front of Crow, which was on its knees, was placed with a pot of golden thorn apple in full bloom.

“Chanter Crow, as one of the Eight Pages and the Lord of the Tower of War, I’ve never seen such a foolish person who can’t even get such a trivial thing done! How useless!”

When the voice said ‘How useless’, that desolate intent instantly rose to the peak. Crow actually had a kind of feeling that it could crush its own life into crumbs at any time.

Besides this aura, the words ‘How useless’ from Lord Seventh Page War terrified Crow. If Crow had not reached pinnacle Suzerain/Myth II, it would have been scared out of its wits.

As a Chanter, Crow could only have access to the Lead Chanter under the Tower of War’s Lord Seventh Page War. This mission was its first time being directly assigned by Lord Seventh Page War.

Although Crow was not qualified to understand Seventh Page War, it also knew his principle of handling things.

For Lord Seventh Page War, those who were useful would live! Those who were useless would die!

From the words ‘How useless’, Crow knew that he wanted to kill itself. It knew that if it could not fight for a chance to live, then only death would await it.

Even though Seventh Page War was not in the Radiance Federation but the Tower of War, which was far away from the Radiance Federation, it would be really easy for him to kill it.

One word from him, and the entire Tower of War and the Tower Canon would attack it.

“Lord Seventh Page War! I exposed nothing! I’ve already taken care of the matter regarding the sea.”

“You’ve taken care of it? Even the Eight Pages of the Tower Canon have not decided among themselves whether or not to go in the sea, yet you actually said you’ve taken care of

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