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Chapter 302: Should Be Good If You Make Them Into Soup

Shortly after Gao Feng returned to Wind Mist City, he sent over the infant Elemental Shellfish and 30 mid-grade strange flames to Lin Yuan through Ostrich Logistics.

When Gao Feng returned to the Gao family, Lin Yuan had let him bring back the four completely jade-textured pieces of green elm.

Lin Yuan could feel that Gao Feng wanted to become friends with him, so he had a mind of befriending him as well.

When Lin Yuan was thinking about forming his guild club’s main team, he had thought of Gao Feng. His contracted Gold/Fantasy Breed Breeze Hibiscus, two Spirit Spring Lilies, and the Yellow Spring Lily were enough to take up all the responsibilities of ‘soft’ support.

For a pure support spirit qi professional like Gao Feng, coupled with the fact that the main role of the Spirit Spring Lilies and the Breeze Hibiscus was to restore feys’ spiritual power, it could be said that Gao Feng’s support ability had an extremely strong effect on his contracted Red Thorn or Liu Jie’s contracted Insect Queen.

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, Gao Feng was a power bank with a huge battery capacity. Although he had little attacking abilities, a power bank’s battery life was much more useful in a team than a healing-type spirit qi professional to some extent.

Lin Yuan would not find another healing-type spirit qi professional for the guild club’s main team that he had established because he could take up the role of one. However, he had never seen Gao Feng’s strength before.

Furthermore, even though he had thoughts to establish his own guild club, he had not yet specifically done so yet. He did indeed have some thoughts about Gao Feng.

Lin Yuan fed the 30 mid-grade strange flames to the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree. Then he used the same method he had used to enhance the Aquamarine Elemental Shellfish and Celestine Elemental Shellfish. He induced this new infant Elemental Shellfish’s mutation into a Scorching Elemental Shellfish through a very ordinary Bronze fire-element spiritual material.

This Scorching Elemental Shellfish produced elemental pearls rich in fire elements, which could provide enough fire-element energy to the immature Lifeform Sacrificial Fire that was being bred by the Twin Red Pagoda’s main flower.

The Scorching Elemental Shellfish now finally could be put to use. That way, Lin Yuan only needed to wait quietly to be able to wait for a new Lifeform Sacrificial Fire.

As long as Chimey woke up from its slumber, it could be promoted from Fantasy I to Fantasy II. Lin Yuan did not intend to keep this new Lifeform Sacrificial Fire just in case like the matured Lifeform Sacrificial Fire.

The Lifeform Sacrificial Fire contained a powerful vitality. Lin Yuan probably wanted to use a flame like the Lifeform Sacrificial Fire to grill the fruit tree. He would be able to release the natural fruit sweetness with vitality from the fruit tree.

He fel

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