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Lin Yuan decided to let Red Thorn use the Willpower Rune that contained vitality in destruction to allow it to become a Fantasy Breed. He felt that after Red Thorn had become more and more dependent on spawning the sea of flowers to fight.

This Willpower Rune that he had comprehended from the extreme massacre was becoming more and more incompatible with it because this Willpower Rune contained a sudden sense of eruption in that feeling of destruction.

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, the sudden sense of eruption was more suitable for power offense feys that mainly focused on single-target attacks.

This Willpower Rune that contained vitality in the destruction was actually also suitable for Red Thorn, so he chose this among the two.

When they arrived at the Mother of Bloodbath’s designated location, the Diamond Divine Travel Black Swallow stopped at the empty space deep in the Endless Forest.

After Lin Yuan jumped off the Divine Travel Black Swallow’s back, it acted as if it was afraid of being made into a soup with salt and pepper by the Mother of Bloodbath. It flew away in a whoosh.

When the Mother of Bloodbath arrived in the depths of Endless Forest, it turned into human form and said to Lin Yuan, “This place is very suitable for Creation Masters to do wild harvesting. While you do so, we can hurry on our journey. If we could fly at high altitude here, we could even let the Divine Travel Black Swallow fly further.”

Lin Yuan was a little unsure and asked, “Why can’t we fly at high altitude here?”

The Mother of Bloodbath recalled fondly and replied, “Because she doesn’t like having anything flying above her.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan immediately knew what the Mother of Bloodbath meant. It seemed that ‘she’ should be a Suzerain/Myth Breed fey.

Only such feys could be qualified to set rules that other feys would respect in the depths of this Endless Forest.

The Mother of Bloodbath looked down at the ground and pushed aside the layer of snow. It suddenly bent down, picked a weed-like plant, gave it to Lin Yuan, and said, “There are many gifted feys here. This wild orchid is hidden really deep. It actually knows how to make itself grow shorter among the weeds to let the weeds cover itself up.”

Lin Yuan looked at the wild weed-like orchid in its hand.

After using True Data, he found that this was actually a precious orchid fey called Dragon’s Mouth Orchid.

This Dragon’s Mouth Orchid was much more precious than the White Jade Snow Orchid that Lin Yuan had nurtured. It bloomed huge flowers just like a dragon’s tongue.

The only function of the bloomed flowers was to definitely stimulate a fey containing the dragon-species bloodline once.

It could be said that these flowers were very suitable for the Spirit-Gather Goldfish, Blackie. It had awakened the rare dragon-species bloodline in its body when it was promoted to Bronze. Its dragon-species bloodline had not changed ever since.

During this

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