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Chapter 285: Emperor-Class and Myth Breed Are Not Qualified Yet

It was close to afternoon. The autumn was cold like water, and the cold air was mixed with winter. Even though it was in deep autumn, it was still warm when the charming sunlight shone on the body.

The Moon Empress was in the inner palace of the Radiant Moon Palace. She was hugging a snow-white rabbit in her arms. It looked just like any ordinary bunny that didn’t have any trace of messy hair. The Moon Empress had also given instructions to Cai Cha and Xi Cha to shift the lotus flowers from the lotus pond.

The pure white rabbit was crunching the carrot in its embrace and looked to be very content. Among the dozens of lotus flowers that the Moon Empress nurtured meticulously, half of them were in a hibernation state.

Once these hibernating lotus flowers awakened, they would be able to comprehend Willpower Runes and transform into Suzerain grade feys.

Even though half the lotus flowers were in a hibernation state, the lotus pond still looked the same. It actually looked even more flourishing than before because the rest of the lotus flowers that weren’t in hibernation state had remained at Diamond X/Legend.

These Diamond X/Legend lotus feys had absorbed the medicinal fluid’s energy and looked even more radiant, blooming with brighter flowers. However, these blooming and radiant Diamond X/Legend lotus flowers weren’t qualified to remain in the inner palace’s lotus pond anymore.

From today onwards, they would be shifted to the garden pond that was outside the Radiant Moon Palace.

At this moment, the Moon Empress’ cell phone that wouldn’t even ring for a few months suddenly rang. The Moon Empress picked up the cell phone to take a glance and immediately revealed a gentle smile.

Soon after picking up the call, the Moon Empress’ tone might be gentle and had an indescribable concern, but her eyes suddenly shot out a horrifying pressure.

The Diamond X/Legend lotus feys were swaying their flower stems, hoping to be able to remain in the lotus pond. However, once they felt the horrifying pressure, they were all so terrified that they shriveled.

At the same time, Cai Cha and Xi Cha also revealed appalled expressions. They weren’t surprised by the Moon Empress’ aura—they didn’t know why the Moon Empress would be so enraged.

After hanging up the call, the Moon Empress walked out of the inner palace. She stood at the alley outside the Radiant Moon Palace and looked at the dazzling afternoon sun. She rubbed the pure white rabbit’s head and said, “We have been concealing our edge for so many years that someone actually dares to underestimate the Radiance Federation and have malicious intentions.”

When the pure white rabbit heard the Moon Empress’ words, its eyes suddenly appeared with extremely graceful purple color. The dazzling afternoon sun instantly darkened.

Many people in the Radiance Federation had a feeling as to why the afternoon had

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