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Chapter 278: Don’t Let Him Taste the Sweet Delights

Zhao Xiaochun was standing on the back of the giant stingray with light blue patterns. When she heard Shi Xu’s words, she immediately rolled her eyes and said, “Shi Zhu[1], how is the bankruptcy of your five chain restaurants related to me? Whenever I visit your store, I am a spending customer.”

It was fine if Zhao Xiaochun didn’t say anything, but once she spoke, Shi Xu’s eyes turned redder. “Zhao Xiaochun, my name is Shi Xu, not Shi Zhu!”

Shi Xu was only able to contract defense-type/thunder-type feys because of his talent. Due to the rarity of defense-type/thunder-type feys and the expensive costs of nurturing such feys, Shi Xu had always lacked resources.

Putting aside the resources that Shi Xu had invested to nurture trump cards after being in the Radiance Hundred Sequence for so many years, he had spent countless Radiance dollars just to nurture his Platinum IV/Fantasy I Silent Thunder Armored Crocodile. After all, it had activated the flood dragon bloodline, and Shi Xu had to make sure the flood dragon bloodline would be constantly activated.

Actually, during the many years Shi Xu had been a Radiance Hundred Sequence member, he had earned quite a bit of extra money. Shi Xu had poured all the extra money on the investment of chain restaurants.

When opening a restaurant in the Radiance Federation, as long as the restaurant’s ingredients had many varieties and the food ingredients’ grade was relatively higher, there was no worry that they wouldn’t sell.

Shi Xu had originally wanted to properly operate these five chain restaurants and earn enough resources to nurture his feys. In fact, Shi Xu had spent great amounts of money to poach an experienced manager from the Radiance Federation’s most famous Spirit Food Pavilion.

Everything had been well-prepared, but Shi Xu’s mistake was to set his restaurant with a buffet model. Furthermore, all five of his buffet restaurants had been targeted by Zhao Xiaochun.

In less than one year since Zhao Xiaochun had targeted the restaurants, Shi Xu’s dreams of accumulating resources with the chain restaurants had been destroyed. All of the savings that he had accumulated painstakingly for many years had resulted in a loss.

Shi Xu now had to face the problem of all the spiritual ingredients and resources required to evolve his feys. He had no choice but to grit his teeth and become a Working Emperor, working ten jobs as a single person.

Shi Xu was here at this controlled Class 3 abyss dimensional rift because he wanted to take the spare time to accumulate more resources before the start of the S Tournament.

Shi Xu was so angry that he nearly got the hiccups. However, before Shi Xu could say anything, Zhao Xiaochun tossed the pork trotters that she had gnawed into bones and cleaned her hand before saying, “Shi Xu, the pork trotters that I am gnawing right now isn’t as good as the pork trotters from your store’s

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