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Chapter 279: The Sudden Sea of Demons

Lin Yuan muttered for a moment before he gently shook his head and said, “I don’t have any plans to join any guild clubs.”

Lin Yuan was very frank and wasn’t shy to reject an invitation. After all, Lin Yuan already had plans in his heart in regards to guild clubs.

Long Tao might have a disappointed expression, but he wasn’t dejected. Instead, he revealed a smile and extended his hand. “My name is Long Tao. Let’s be friends.”

From Lin Yuan’s statement of ‘I don’t have any plans to join any guild clubs’, Long Tao understood that Lin Yuan was planning to build his own guild club in the future.

It would be fake to say that Long Tao wasn’t disappointed when he was rejected, but it was only a trace of disappointment at the start. After all, Long Tao had been looking for the silver-masked Black for more than just one or two days.

The moment Long Tao wanted to recruit Black as his teammate, the thought had never changed. Once Long Tao knew of Black’s plans, he felt that Black was similar to him a few years ago.

Back when Long Tao had made the decision, he single-handedly created the Dragon Gate Guild Club. But Long Tao believed that if he was at Black’s age and received an invitation from a top-three A-level guild club, even if he was going to reject, he wouldn’t be able to reject so calmly.

It was unknown why Long Tao suddenly had a feeling he had met a true friend.

However, even if Black wasn’t going to join the Dragon Gate Guild Club, Long Tao still had his confidence and trump cards for this year’s S Tournament. After all, Long Tao never liked to place a bet on others. If he was such a person, then he wouldn’t have been able to sit firmly in the position of Radiance Federation Sequence #3.

Otherwise, the Dragon Gate Guild Club wouldn’t have been able to achieve the result of being among the top three A-level guild clubs.

Lin Yuan watched as Long Tao extended his hand while his face behind the mask revealed a sunshine smile.

Lin Yuan then extended his hand to shake hands with Long Tao.

Long Tao looked at the silver-masked youth and praised him. “Looking at this valley of sand, I know that I should congratulate you in advance for joining the ranks of the Radiance Hundred Sequence.”

Long Tao’s words startled Lin Yuan. He had been training for over a month. Due to his achievements on the Celestial Stairway, his virtual image should have been made. The news of him joining the Radiance Hundred selection should have been announced by the Radiance Sacred Hall.

Lin Yuan immediately remembered about Tian Ningning. She was Lin Yuan’s exclusive report, but Lin Yuan always forgot to inform her of such information in advance. When Lin Yuan signed the exclusive reporter contract with Tian Ningning, it stated that he should always inform Tian Ningning of important news in advance. This would allow Tian Ningning to justify herself to the Star Web officials.

Lin Yu

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