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Chapter 275: Silent Thunder Armored Crocodile

At that moment, the Class 3 abyss dimensional rift’s temperature had slowly risen back up. When that majestic crimson flame vortex disappeared, the controlled Class 3 abyss dimensional rift had returned to normal from its closed state.

A large amount of fire elements flooded in from the hub that connected the controlled Class 3 dimensional rift connected to the abyssal world and immediately allowed the abyss dimensional rift to return to its original high temperature of nearly 50 degrees.

Its sudden rise back to 50 degrees from 20 degrees was just like a person who had just come out of the ice water being locked in a sauna. These adventurers in this controlled Class 3 abyss dimensional rift could not catch their breath.

Outside the completely collapsed cave, the wind gradually dispersed the flying dust.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check this 15-meter-long huge crocodile with a pure-white body covered with lightning flashes.

[Fey Name]: Silent Thunder Armored Crocodile

[Fey Species]: Sarcosuchus/Loricata

[Fey Grade]: Platinum (4/10)

[Fey Type]: Thunder

[Fey Quality]: Fantasy I


[Tail Block]: Uses the strong skin armor on its huge tail to resist damage.

[Muscle Thunder Energy]: Rapidly mobilize the energy within its muscles to generate a large amount of thunder energy.

[Rapid Thunder Armor Protection]: Quickly form a layer of armor protection formed by thunder around the target to help resist external damage.

[Thunder Armor Boost]: Increases the hardness of the released Rapid Thunder Armor and ability to resist damage. When the Rapid Thunder Armor cannot resist, it will automatically fill in the Muscle Thunder Energy’s thunder energy.

[Hundred Armor Demonstration]: Instantly bursts the thunder energy stored in its body to generate over a hundred Rapid Thunder Armor. At the same time, it can also casually mobilize the thunder energy in the Rapid Thunder Armor for effective defense.

Exclusive Skill:

[Sturdy Thunder Pattern]: The thunder contains a thunder pattern that can increase sturdiness. When the thunder pattern breaks, it will instantly release a large amount of thunder energy.

[Active Thunderclap]: The thunder released is always active. When struck, the thunder will burst outward and counteract the attack and assimilate part of the energy into active thunder energy.

This 15-meter-long huge crocodile covered with lightning flashes on its pure-white body had the same name as Shi Xu’s signature fey on Star Web—Silent Thunder Armored Crocodile.

In the past few months that he had the ability of a Creation Master, he had seen some defense-type thunder-element feys, but most of them had a mediocre aptitude.

This Silent Thunder Armored Crocodile should have evolved from a kind of low-grade defense-type thunder-element crocodile fey. However, Lin Yuan did not know which species it had evolved from.

Even i

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