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Chapter 276: The Protection of the Blue Thunder

Although Chu Ci was also a defense-type spirit qi professional, she had a reckless heart. Shi Xu’s feys were all thunder-element feys, but he had taken the path that a traditional defense-type spirit qi professional should take.

A defense-type spirit qi professional like Shi Xu was far more popular than a reckless defense-type spirit qi professional like Chu Ci in a team.

Shi Xu stood in place, his peach blossom eyes narrowed under his small flat-top head, and said, “See that? This is strength! Be good and hand over the thing burning with red flames that you put away, and I’ll let you go.”

Lin Yuan’s eyes behind the mask also narrowed as he replied, “What if I don’t?”

Shi Xu reached out and scratched his head.

“Judging from the way you dress, you’re imitating Black, right? Those who idolize Black should not be a bad person, so I can have mercy on you.”

Lin Yuan’s eyebrows behind the mask raised, and he answered, “It seems to you that I have to hand it over.”

Lin Yuan channeled the spiritual power in his body into the land under his feet through both feet. The quicksand on the land beneath his feet that had stopped instantly churned again. It was no longer just limited to a couple of kilometers around the mountain valley.

Rather, Lin Yuan let the Source Sand stir up the sand grains it had accumulated for a month. The sand grains brought all the adventurers, who wanted to trudge over the sea of sand, back its edge.

At the same time, with Lin Yuan’s spiritual power, the color of the sand grains in this one-kilometer radius became darker and darker, changing from brownish-yellow slowly to purplish black.

These purple-black sand grains also carried a layer of black-blue metallic luster that came from the ferromanganese.

Lin Yuan manipulated the Source Sand, and it gathered all the sand grains that it had ground from hard ores in the controlled Class 3 abyss dimensional rift. These hard sand grains were plated with a thin layer of ferromanganese.

When Shi Xu saw this quicksand suddenly churning, he jumped onto the Platinum IV/Fantasy I Silent Thunder Armored Crocodile’s back.

Upon sensing the quicksand from all directions that wanted to drag his fey into the ground, Shi Xu let the Silent Thunder Armored Crocodile surge a large amount of thunder elements around its body to resist the churning quicksand.

Lin Yuan found that even if the Gold I/Fantasy I Source Sand had accumulated sand grains for over a month and could resist against Platinum feys, it still could not do anything about this Silent Thunder Armored Crocodile.

This was because the Silent Thunder Armored Crocodile had gone beyond a Platinum fey’s strength and reached Diamond combat power.

Shi Xu, who was standing on the Silent Thunder Armored Crocodile’s back, said with some surprise, “So it was you who caused the churning quicksand everywhere in the mountain valley! You’re cu

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