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Chapter 287: The Wronged Acid Corrosion Queen Bee

When the demon wave had been completely extinguished, Red Thorn reluctantly gave up on a portion of Class 4 demon flesh which it couldn’t digest for now.

These Class 4 demons’ flesh and blood, which were equivalent to Platinum feys, had withering and scorching effects. Even Red Thorn wouldn’t be able to endure the consumption process.

Back then, Red Thorn had merely used the ramets as storage to store these Class 4 demons’ flesh to prevent them from being consumed by Class 3 demons, forming a threat on the battlefield. Red Thorn would then accept the ramets’ tributes, allowing it to absorb the flesh and blood energy through the ramets.

When large numbers of ramets withered, the massive energy would be transferred to Red Thorn’s ortet roots from the ramets. The massive amount of energy placed Red Thorn in an immediate hibernation state.

At that moment, Lin Yuan could feel Red Thorn’s Mouth of Relinquish releasing a rumbling sound that was like an active furnace. Furthermore, the 12 multi-flora flowers surrounding the Mouth of Relinquish were channeling the stored digestive fluids.

When these acidic digestive fluids flowed into the Mouth of Relinquish, it allowed the Mouth of Relinquish to digest to the greatest extent. Even though Lin Yuan was standing a distance away from the Mouth of Relinquish, he could still feel the Mouth of Relinquish constantly emitting boundless blood and flesh energy.

Red Thorn was rapidly digesting the massive blood and flesh energy within its body, converting them into its strength. Lin Yuan believed that after Red Thorn’s one week of hibernation, it should be reaching the Bronze X/Legend.

Afterward, once Red Thorn’s quality upgraded from Epic to Legend, Lin Yuan would be able to upgrade Red Thorn into a Fantasy Breed. If Red Thorn was upgraded to a Fantasy Breed, Lin Yuan’s combat capabilities would have another significant increase.

However, Lin Yuan had yet to decide which Willpower Rune he should use to fuse with Red Thorn. Those two Willpower Runes were both very suitable for Red Thorn.

When a Willpower Rune was fused with a fey to create a Fantasy Breed, the fey would go through a thorough transformation. Therefore, different Willpower Runes would cause the fey’s future path to have a drastic difference.

As such, one should not be careless with this matter. However, Lin Yuan felt that it was still too early to think of this problem now.

After all, it wasn’t such an easy thing for Red Thorn to upgrade from Epic to Legend quality. It was due to the fact that Red Thorn could only rely on the consumption of blood and flesh, using the energy to increase its grade and upgrade its quality. As a result, the path that Red Thorn was walking on right now was almost similar to how other spirit qi professionals enhanced their feys.

When nurturing Red Thorn, Lin Yuan understood how arduous it was for other spirit qi professi

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