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Chapter 280: Temporary Squad Formation

Upon seeing that, Long Tao glanced at Lin Yuan and said, “Even if you don’t join the Dragon Gate Guild Club, we might as well form a temporary squad to tide us over this difficult time.”

After Lin Yuan nodded, Long Tao turned to Shi Xu and said, “In a moment, Fang Duoduo, Zhao Xiaochun, and I will be the main attackers in the front, and you’ll help us.”

Shi Xu gave Long Tao a somewhat displeased look. “Do you have to tell me that?”

An intense battle intent rose in Lin Yuan’s eyes.

A large portion of the demons were Class 2 ones, but there were many Class 3 demons and even Class 4 demons among them. The demons in the abyss dimensional rift had never relied on their number to win but on their own strength. Therefore, every demon that could survive in the abyss dimensional rift was considered an elite unit.

If Lin Yuan were to entirely rely on his own strength at this time, there was really nothing he could about these demons. But with Long Tao, Fang Duoduo, and Zhao Xiaochun, who were power offense-type Radiance Hundred Sequence members, the damage to these Class 3 to Class 4 demons would be large enough. Thus, Lin Yuan did not intend to take the path of attacking.

As a healing-type and support-type spirit qi professional, he had always been obsessed with output because it could let him have a bottom line to defend himself in the face of perilous situations. He could put his life in his own hands.

But in this massive battle, Lin Yuan, an almost all-round spirit qi professional, naturally would determine his position in the battle according to the situation.

At that moment, Long Tao scanned the endless demons, and his expression changed slightly as he said to Lin Yuan, “When the battle starts later, can your quicksand try to sink the demons’ flesh into the sand? There are several squads of Devouring Demons among the sea of demons. When the battle starts, if these demons have a huge amount of demon flesh, they will develop into a huge threat.”

Lin Yuan naturally knew about the Devouring Demons. They were a kind of Class 3 demons and considered the weakest among the demons of the same class.

Within a short period, they could devour other demons’ flesh to increase their combat power.

Although their combat power would increase for a very short period, the Devouring Demons would devour a lot of demons’ flesh after so many demons were killed. Thus, the threat they posed was like Class 5 demons that were equivalent to Diamond feys.

When Lin Yuan heard Long Tao’s words, he summoned Red Thorn, which had become larger than before.

Its Mouth of Relinquish had also become bigger, and the teeth outside the 12 huge mouths had also become sharper.

As the huge mouth chewed, it would greatly increase Red Thorn’s digestion capacity.

The vines of Red Thorn’s ortet were also not as slender as before but sharper and thicker.

After choosing to battle by spreading

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