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Chapter 281: The Web of Redemption Woven by the Source Sand

Without hiding his strength, Long Tao took the lead and summoned the prehistoric beast that Lin Yuan had seen at the Radiant Moon Palace, the Sea King Chalk Mosasaurus.

When Long Tao summoned it, it immediately inspired the fighting spirit of the spirit qi professionals present. The eyes of these spirit qi professionals who had thought that disaster would fall upon them shone with hope.

The Sea King Chalk Mosasaurus, a name of the prehistoric era, had always been Long Tao’s signature fey. However, Lin Yuan did not know whether Long Tao had other trump cards other than this Sea King Chalk Mosasaurus.

The Sea King Chalk Mosasaurus was still at Platinum X/Fantasy III.

Clearly, Long Tao was still stuck at being a B-rank spirit qi professional and had yet to break through to become an A-rank spirit qi professional.

If he broke through to the A-rank, this Platinum X/Fantasy III Sea King Chalk Mosasaurus could break through to Diamond. At that time, Long Tao could be called a king-class expert.

Given his current strength, his combat power was already more astounding than some ordinary king-class experts. It was very hard for a Fantasy Breed fey to reach Fantasy III.

Zhao Xiaochun and Fang Duoduo also summoned their feys and attacked the demons that rushed over. Chen Hongfeng did not go forward but summoned his contracted Gold fey, the Huge-Tailed Swamp Lizard, at the back. He commanded it to use the swamp to control and deal magic damage to the demon army.

Lin Yuan finally knew why Zhao Xiaochun’s previous title in the Radiance Hundred Sequence was Critical Needle Girl.

Her fey was a Platinum V/Fantasy II Cold Needle Sea Urchin, a fey that could stack output. While such a fey had extreme output, its defense was almost at rock bottom among Platinum feys. It could even be described as being as brittle as paper.

When Shi Xu saw Zhao Xiaochun summon out the Platinum V/Fantasy II Cold Needle Sea Urchin, he exclaimed, “This black-hearted maggot Zhao Xiaochun’s signature Cold Needle Sea Urchin is actually at Fantasy II. Did she not invest her resources into her trump card all this time?”

Shi Xu shook his head. Given his understanding of her, her trump card had probably become even stronger. It seemed that Zhao Xiaochun would move on the ranking of the Radiance Hundred Sequence this year or next year.

Based on her stance, she should be intending to get into the top ten!

Although Zhao Xiaochun was a glutton, bad-hearted, and had a foul mouth, Shi Xu also had to sigh at her talent that could be considered top-notch even in the Radiance Hundred.

Shi Xu then glanced at Lin Yuan, who was standing beside him. He was speechless. Whose talents could be compared to this youth standing next to him at this age?

If he were to really compare, there would only be that girl from Redbud City who was rumored on Star Web to have a Bronze Fantasy Breed fe

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