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Chapter 282: A Freak, Long Tao

Lin Yuan now no longer needed to inject spiritual power into Red Thorn for it to release spores. It had taken an elite path this time and did not need to spit out too many spores from its spore cavity.

Red Thorn felt no pressure in spawning ramets with the dead demons’ flesh on the battlefield. This saved a great deal of spiritual power in Lin Yuan’s body.

Such a simple act of protection from the Source Sand on the large battlefield required Lin Yuan to use a lot of mental and spiritual power.

But after Lin Yuan opened this Spirit Qi Imprint that had accumulated a lot of spirit qi over the past month or so, coupled with the Source Sand’s Sand Control, the spiritual power required to maintain this simple protection of the low-ranking adventurers on the battlefield with the gravel was within his ability.

At the same time, he also summoned his Silver I/Fantasy I healing-type fey, the Jasmine Lily.

Almost every famous expert of the younger generation had their own signature fey, just like Long Tao’s, Shi Xu’s, and Zhao Xiaochun’s signature feys were the Sea King Chalk Mosasaurus, Silent Thunder Armored Crocodile, and Cold Needle Sea Urchin, respectively.

However, there had been a huge controversy over Black’s signature fey between the Jasmine Lily and Red Thorn.

Regardless of which fey he had summoned at that time, he had performed too well in the battle outside Millstone Town.

After Lin Yuan summoned the Silver/Fantasy Breed Jasmine Lily and injected spiritual power, an emerald mist immediately emerged on its emerald-green petals in spirals.

Each bit of light containing huge vitality flew out of the Jasmine Lily’s flower, just like a firefly, and would heal the injured spirit qi professionals.

Although some low-ranking spirit qi professionals had lost their arms in the battle against the demons, what Lin Yuan could do was just to preserve their lives. If he wanted to use Jasmine Lily’s Severed Limbs Growth to regenerate their broken arms, it would undoubtedly consume a lot of his spiritual power.

The consumption of the spiritual power in his body was akin to allowing him to save the lives of fewer adventurers.

This gathered sea of demons was ultimately like a river without a source. Despite the number, they could not be replenished after being killed.

After nearly four hours of slaughter, Long Tao’s Platinum X/Fantasy III Sea King Chalk Mosasaurus annihilated the last pinnacle Class 4 demon with its ability, Sea Emperor’s Dragon Breath.

As this demon turned into dust, this sea of demons was also considered completely defeated. All those low-ranking adventurers sat on the ground and took a deep breath of the air with a burning sulfur smell from the abyss dimensional rift. The air that normally felt disgusting now smelled exceptionally sweet.

Lin Yuan, Long Tao, Shi Xu, Zhao Xiaochun, and Fang Duoduo might not have the feeling of surviving this calamity a

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