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Chapter 283: Zhao Xiaochun With a Clear Conscience

When Shi Xu turned his head and saw Zhao Xiaochun standing there, stuffing baked spinach into her mouth, he glared at her.

As Zhao Xiaochun looked at the silver-masked youth being thrown up, her face suddenly flushed with a faint pink. She said to Fang Duoduo, “Fang Duoduo, go get me Black’s phone number! I want to know his full contact details in three minutes!”

Fang Duoduo looked at Zhao Xiaochun with dumbfounded eyes and asked, “Weren’t you harping on inviting Lin Yuan and Liu Jie for a meal?”

Zhao Xiaochun looked at Fang Duoduo like she was looking at a fool. “Big Brother, what does knowing Black’s contact details have to do with inviting Lin Yuan for dinner? They’re both so handsome. Can’t I get to know them?”

Suddenly, she turned her head to find Shi Xu staring at her.

Zhao Xiaochun smiled and said with a chuckle, “If you can’t see properly, cut your eyes with a cutter!”

She then patted Fang Duoduo, who was beside her. He felt very helpless, but he shouted, “Skr!”

Shi Xu suddenly felt his blood rushing forth and was so angry that his eyes moistened!

Zhao Xiaochun laughed happily as she watched Shi Xu get angry with her.

Although she had caused his five chains of restaurants to go bankrupt, she had a clear conscience. She patted her stomach despondently.

Ever since her contracted source-type lifeform had grown, she never had the feeling of being full again. She had become hungry but also stronger as well!

Although Shi Xu was called Working Emperor in the Radiance Hundred Sequence, he was definitely not the poorest. If one searched for the poorest in the Radiance Hundred Sequence, it would probably be Zhao Xiaochun.

Even though she had caused so many restaurants in the Royal Capital to go bankrupt, she had compensated with the money she earned after that. This amount was not little either.

If the people who received the compensation were willing, they could open up another restaurant of similar size again.

Zhao Xiaochun had sent her compensation with another identity of her own. However, these people should never want to open a restaurant in their lives again.

She had also emptied her pockets to compensate for Shi Xu’s five chains of restaurants.

When Shi Xu had started live-streaming on Star Web, Zhao Xiaochun had used her other identity to reward him in the form of a surprise gift box. It was a very special way of reward on Star Web.

There would be a very small fee for ordinary rewards on Star Web, but it did not cost any commission if the reward was put in the surprise box.

The Star Web hosts who received it would not know the amount of the reward. They would only get a notification about receiving a gift box. This surprise box could only be opened after a year on the very same day.

Zhao Xiaochun calculated the time, and Shi Xu should be able to open that surprise box containing a huge amount of compensation

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