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According to what Morbius had just said, it was possible not to waste the spirit qi in the spirit qi crystal when using one to enhance five to six Bronze/Epic feys to Legend.

Lin Yuan would not need five days to do that in the future. This would undoubtedly save him a lot of time.

He had not really thought about using the spirit qi crystal formed by Morbius’ Spirit Qi Condensation to enhance the Bronze feys’ quality.

When the spirit qi crystal was crushed, it would turn into a huge amount of pure spirit qi. If Lin Yuan controlled such spirit qi and used it on several feys, a part of the spirit qi would undoubtedly be lost and result in waste.

Every single trace of the huge amount of pure spirit qi in this spirit qi crystal wasted was akin to wasting Lin Yuan’s time. At the same time, it was also wasting Radiance dollars and resources because the overflowing spirit qi could easily nurture many Bronze/Epic feys.

Although it was very easy for Lin Yuan to nurture such feys, countless people would fight over every Bronze/Epic fey he took out.

Lin Yuan had previously used the spirit qi crystals to enhance his Fantasy Breed fey’s grade.

Each spirit qi crystal could help a Bronze X/Fantasy I fey break through to Silver I/Fantasy I and raise a Silver/Fantasy Breed fey’s grade.

However, when a Silver X/Fantasy I fey wanted to become a Gold I/Fantasy I fey, it would have to consume 10 spirit qi crystals.

After that, each grade from Gold I/Fantasy I to Gold X/Fantasy I would also require ten spirit qi crystals.

Based on the time required by the spirit qi crystals, if Lin Yuan wanted to nurture a Gold X/Fantasy I fey, he would need two years’ worth of spirit qi crystals. This period could be said to be short.

Even if Lin Yuan was riveting resources and used the spirit qi crystals as much as possible, he had reached the limit by enhancing the fey to Gold/Fantasy Breed.

Although Lin Yuan had not tried to use the spirit qi crystal to let a Gold X/Fantasy I fey become Platinum I/Fantasy I—the reason he was unsure how many spirit qi crystals he needed to use—he would need to at least consume 100 of them based on his calculations. One hundred might not even be enough.

Given Morbius’ current grade, using the spirit qi crystals to enhance Fantasy Breed feys from Fantasy I to Fantasy II was even more difficult than enhancing Fantasy Breed feys to Platinum.

Therefore, after promoting the feys’ grade to a certain level, the spirit qi crystals would have little effect in promoting them again.

Only after Morbius became a Silver Fantasy Breed would the Spirit Lock spatial zone change again. Its strengthened Spirit Qi Condensation would take a turn for the better by then.

Furthermore, it was currently difficult for Lin Yuan to become a B-rank spirit qi professional.

Nearly half a year had passed, and Lin Yuan felt his body’s spirit qi was not even a quarter of the way from becoming a B-rank spirit qi prof

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