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Chapter 331: Eating Other Factions Like Crabs

In the early winter, on this very rare midday, Lin Yuan was having a usual and casual conversation with Wen Yu about establishing a faction.

He only spoke for over ten minutes and made his intentions clear.

Upon seeing that Wen Yu was listening seriously, Lin Yuan simply asked, “Wen Yu, what do you think would be the most appropriate path if I were to establish a faction?”

When Wen Yu heard Lin Yuan’s words, she did not hesitate to reply to him, “Young Master, if you want to develop your own faction, it would be the most appropriate to accumulate resources.”

Lin Yuan nodded and gestured for Wen Yu to continue. He had only said about his intention to establish his own faction and his own advantages. He did not tell her about his specific plan afterward.

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, Wen Yu’s view could be said to be coincidental with his own view about development to a certain extent.

After Wen Yu finished speaking and saw that Lin Yuan did not state his position but instead wanted her to continue, she pondered carefully for five minutes and answered seriously, “Young Master, based on your idea of establishing a faction, it is the most appropriate for us to go on the path of accumulating resources. The better our resources, the greater the benefits our faction would get.

“As long as we show the most top-notch luxurious resources, everyone will think of currying favor with our faction.

“So we have to use the most top-notch resources to prove our faction’s foundation. Once we show our foundation, other factions will try to hook up with us and use the luxurious resources in their hands to replace those in our hands that are useful to them.

“We just need to ensure that our luxurious materials are what they don’t have and what they desperately want. Then we can have a hold on the other factions and obtain a number of luxurious resources far greater than what we pay for.”

Lin Yuan could not help but raise his eyebrow when he heard Wen Yu’s words. She was worthy of being the prodigal Wen Yu when establishing the mansion. It was really different when she spoke.

However, Wen Yu’s idea about his faction development was almost completely the same as what Lin Yuan was thinking.

When Wen Yu was speaking her thoughts, she was thinking about something from over a month ago. She understood the details about the Radiance Federation’s factions due to the Radiant Moon Palace’s database. Thanks to her understanding, Wen Yu said what was on her mind in front of Lin Yuan.

If she did not know about anything, Wen Yu would have an empty talk in front of Lin Yuan in any case.

At that moment, Lin Yuan revealed a bright smile. In fact, there were several routes to faction development. There was not a particular route that had absolute benefits for the development of a faction.

However, if one wanted to develop a powerful faction, then there could only be one voice in tha

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