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Chapter 346: Gray Is the Bravest

If Blackie could draw the spirit qi released by dragon-species feys within a certain range into the Spirit Qi Imprint, Lin Yuan had to strive for it even if only a trace of it was drawn. This was because every additional trace of spirit qi in the Spirit Qi Imprint would be Lin Yuan’s trump card.

It could be said that almost all dragon-species feys could release spirit qi. The size of some rare dragon-species feys that could release spirit qi would certainly not be small.

Therefore, the most suitable for Lin Yuan was these Spirit-Siphon Goldfish that had a trace of the dragon-species bloodline.

He could nurture these Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish with a trace of dragon-species bloodline, just like how he had nurtured Blackie from a Spirit-Siphon Goldfish into a Spirit-Gather Goldfish.

When these Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish activated the trace of dragon-species bloodline within their bodies, Blackie could increase the spirit qi in the Spirit Qi Imprint with its exclusive skill faster.

Lin Yuan carefully sensed the range Blackie’s exclusive skill could reach to absorb other dragon species feys’ released spirit qi.

He found that the range was actually very small and not even half the spirit pool area, but he did not care.

The range would keep extending after Blackie became a Fantasy Breed.

After Morbius’ grade increased, the spirit pool area would also become bigger, which could meet Blackie’s constantly expanding range of drawing spirit qi.

There were many colors of Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, with the most common being the red ones. However, Lin Yuan intended to choose black for all the Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish that he would carefully nurture in the future and activate their dragon-species bloodlines in the spirit pool.

This way, the spirit pool would have the feeling of a Black Dragon Pool.

After Lin Yuan and Blackie got close to each other for a while, he let it warm up properly in the spirit pool.

Although Blackie’s bloodline had undergone a qualitative metamorphosis, its current mental state was not good. The pain it had endured would not disappear just because its bloodline had undergone a metamorphosis.

Thus, Blackie still needed some time to warm up before it could recover to its best state.

Since the dragon-species bloodline was dominant in Blackie’s body, when Lin Yuan nurtured it, besides feeding it the Butterfly Shell flowers to warm its bloodline, he could also feed it some dragon essence blood every once in a while.

Previously, Lin Yuan did not dare to feed Blackie dragon essence blood because he was afraid that the dragon-species bloodline in its body was too thin.

Rashly giving it the dragon essence blood to enhance it would likely cause the trace of dragon-species bloodline in its body unable to suppress the energy in the essence blood. But now, the concentration of the dragon-species bloodline in Blackie’s b

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