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Wen Yu returned to her room and started writing a new proposal for the faction’s development and planning.

Hu Quan, a true all-nighter, also could not stay up and returned to his room to sleep.

After the Mother of Bloodbath and Endless Summer ate two big plates of honey pancakes in the morning, they went to the street with a clear purpose and started wandering around.

However, they had different goals. The Mother of Bloodbath wanted to eat all the nice food that interested it after seeing it. In contrast, Endless Summer wanted to visit some jewelry stores to buy its favorite strangely-shaped spirit jewelry.

The day before, Endless Summer had gone out with the Mother of Bloodbath for half a day and returned with almost 100 fancy necklaces, rings, bracelets, and brooches.

In short, the two Suzerain/Myth Breed feys had now been reduced to just knowing to buy things on the street. This perfectly showcased the importance of eating and females’ love of beauty.

After Liu Jie cooked breakfast in the morning, he went to the Radiance Sacred Hall.

Although he would enter the Radiance Hundred Sequence’s internal ranking two days later, Liu Jie had to be tested in other aspects within the Radiance Sacred Hall during these two days.

Hence, he would not be able to cook in the mansion during these few days. While he was away, the Mother of Bloodbath had taken over the job of cooking this morning.

The Mother of Bloodbath would not really be cooking in the mansion. It intended that while daily wandering on the streets, it would bring back the food it found good to share with the people in the mansion.

Thus, only Lin Yuan was left in the hall. Upon looking at the huge, completely jade-textured red sandalwood fish tank, he could not help but feel a headache.

He really did not know how he was going to get the three Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps out of the red sandalwood longevity fish tank.

However, the Bronze I/Flawless Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses on the top of the fish tank were growing more and more luxuriant.

Thanks to the huge amount of spirit qi released by the Five Fortune Ranchus, many Bronze I/Flawless Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses had reached Bronze II or even Bronze III.

Although the Spirit-Containing Hibiscus bloomed in the day and withered in the night, it was noon now. Not long after its buds opened, the huge flowers bloomed very beautifully. It was like ‘green leaves unfolding quietly, and the colors of the red peonies fresh and dark’.

Large hibiscuses accompanied by Lustrous-Winged Butterflies were on top of the red sandalwood longevity fish tank during the day.

At night, the Lustrous-Winged Butterflies flapped their wings between the Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses’ green leaves and frolicked.

Lin Yuan suddenly noticed that one of the Lustrous-Winged Butterflies was different from the others. Lustrous-Winged Butterflies were feys that flew together. The 98 Lustrous-Winged Butterflies

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