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Even if Morbius’ grade didn’t increase, the Floating Island Whale would be able to hatch from the crystal egg next June.

As for the Twin Red Pagoda, it might have only been over a dozen days since the Lifeform Sacrificial Fire had been harvested, but Lin Yuan could already feel the Lifeform Sacrificial Fire’s birthplace getting stronger. It seemed like the Scorching Elemental Shellfish’s fire-elemental pearls were very beneficial for the Twin Red Pagoda.

Endless Summer had already used the previous matured Lifeform Sacrificial Fire, so Lin Yuan hoped that this Lifeform Sacrificial Fire would mature quickly.

Subsequently, Lin Yuan started his task to enhance his feys this time.

Firstly, Lin Yuan placed the three Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps in a giant water tank inside the Spirit Lock spatial zone. Afterward, he placed the giant water tank on his nurture table.

The three Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps were in extremely great condition. As compared to when he had enhanced them into Bronze/Epic, they were looking much better, be it physically or spiritually.

Furthermore, their tails and side fins were longer. With larger tails and side fins, the Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps were even nicer to admire. However, Lin Yuan realized that the three Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps looked a little stranger.

From the outside, the three Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps might look just as majestic as before. Still, when Lin Yuan carefully observed them, he realized that as their dragon and phoenix’s bloodlines were constantly concentrating, they were also mutually assimilating.

The assimilation wasn’t to devour each other. Instead, they were mutually accepting each other and slowly integrating into one.

Lin Yuan had already planned to allow these three Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps to freely evolve and not be stuck at Bronze once he upgraded them to Legend quality.

It seemed like these three Bronze X/Epic Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps wouldn’t need too long to evolve to Silver I after their quality reached Legend.

The Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps were evolved from Myriad Form Carps, and their special trait was their significant evolution every time their grade increased.

Therefore, when the Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps reached Silver, they would certainly go through a significant evolution.

After evolving into the Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps, their foundation had already been settled. However, Lin Yuan was looking forward to seeing their transformation.

Subsequently, Lin Yuan took the Bronze/Epic Dragon’s Mouth Orchid. Lin Yuan had harvested the orchid from the Dragon’s Mouth Orchid previously, so it looked no different from a weed now.

The stalk that grew the orchid previously was now already withered. But once the Dragon’s Mouth Orchid’s quality was upgraded to Legend, it would naturally grow another stalk, producing another orchid.

Lin Yuan had enhanced the originally Normal I/Normal

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