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Chapter 332: Oath Lily of the Valley

Take Lin Yuan’s Star Web store as an example.

When his store put out the message to exchange any quality of Bronze/Epic feys for a Gold Day and Night Spirit Silver and source-type items, there was no more targeting from other Star Web stores.

As long as Lin Yuan could show his foundation, no Star Web store would dare to be an enemy of a Star Web store that could provide any kind of Bronze/Epic feys with a suspected Class 4 Creation Master behind it.

Likewise, as long as Lin Yuan’s established faction could come up with any kind of Bronze/Epic feys, it would not even need to come up with Bronze/Legend feys. Other factions would madly befriend it whatever the price was.

These factions would try to curry favor with Lin Yuan’s faction and might even help his faction to develop. The only thing Lin Yuan could say to them was sorry.

He had thought about how to develop his faction previously. He would make these factions that wanted to befriend his faction unable to find the means.

After several dealings with the Bronze/Epic feys, Lin Yuan understood more about their value. Their biggest value was their unparalleled attraction to spirit qi professionals that had comprehended a Willpower Rune, as they were akin to a better future.

Some powerful factions mostly had Class 4 Creation Masters presiding over.

Those without Class 4 Creation Masters presiding over were a lot worse than those that had. These factions with Class 4 Creation Masters also lacked Bronze/Epic feys.

If a Class 4 Creation Master wanted to enhance a Bronze/Epic fey, they would have to use many resources and a period to nurture it.

The Class 4 Creation Masters in the large factions were worshipped and were not always nurturing feys. This had caused an even greater shortage of Bronze/Epic feys.

Those king-class experts from the large factions were not always able to be compared with the Class 4 Creation Masters’ resources, let alone the other people in the faction.

As these large factions with Class 4 Creation Masters could attract more king-class experts to join them, they had become the buyers with the highest demand for Bronze/Epic feys on the market.

At present, no faction in the Radiance Federation offered a service of custom-selling Bronze/Epic feys based on the Willpower Rune one comprehended.

Most of the services like this that could customize the Bronze/Epic fey based on the comprehended Willpower Rune would require booking some Class 4 or even pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters through some connections.

They might even have to rely on favors and wait for a few years even if they could afford the price.

The waiting time of several years was undoubtedly akin to the comprehended Willpower Rune not being able to be used for a few years.

However, this was unavoidable as advanced, or pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters had this status and reputation.

If one did not love to wa

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