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Although Lin Yuan had established the path of his faction’s development during his previous conversation with Wen Yu and had a plan in mind, he seriously contemplated the faction establishment and her views.

Wen Yu’s proposal allowed Lin Yuan to understand Wen Yu’s views and direction for his faction establishment.

At first, he could not help but nod while looking at it. Many of Wen Yu’s ideas were the same as his. However, when he saw her views on the other factions, he felt that something was not right.

It was not that Wen Yu’s views were different from his or that there was anything wrong with her. When she mentioned other forces, her words gave off a kind of feeling.

If Lin Yuan had to describe it, he could only say it was a sense of superiority. He sensed this feeling of superiority from her words and soon understood.

As the Radiant Moon Palace’s spirit attendant previously, Wen Yu’s starting point was simply something ordinary people could not compare to.

Thus, her scope had always remained in the Leaning Moon Mountain’s Radiance Moon Mountain. She did not take the Radiance Federation’s factions to heart.

If Wen Yu used this sense of superiority in other areas, Lin Yuan might have to give her some advice.

However, based on Lin Yuan’s strategy of accumulating resources to start the faction’s initial development, he felt that Wen Yu’s sense of superiority was not only fine but also not enough.

A Bronze/Epic fey was akin to a luxury item to spirit qi professionals, and Lin Yuan had numerous such feys. In other words, he could establish a dynasty of luxurious goods that focused on customizing Bronze/Epic feys.

Each Bronze/Epic fey could represent the superiority of Lin Yuan’s faction. At the same time, perhaps some huge veteran factions could contend with him in terms of superiority with their Bronze/Epic feys.

Although they might not have as many as Lin Yuan, they could contend against him. However, compared to these huge veteran factions, Lin Yuan could take out Bronze/Epic feys for trade at will.

It could be said that customizing Bronze/Epic feys based on Willpower Runes was a way for Lin Yuan’s faction to develop and obtain resources.

Therefore, his faction would be flaunting its sense of superiority to other factions at all times.

Veteran factions may have Bronze/Epic feys, but they had always been the parties that had a huge demand for such feys.

As long as they were not collectively crazy, they would not allow any Bronze/Epic feys to leave their faction.

As such, Lin Yuan’s faction would be at the very top in terms of superiority from the starting point.

As long as Lin Yuan was willing, he could take out Bronze/Legend feys. Thus, he could stand at the top of superiority and proudly look down on the entire food chain and other factions.

Even if king-class experts highly sought after Bronze/Legend feys and huge veteran factions had pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters t

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