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Chapter 342: With the Bloodlines of the Dragon and Phoenix, The Eternal Mountain and Rivers Are Settled

At that moment, the three Silver/Legend Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps were emitting blinding radiance. The blinding radiance might only have two colors of black and white, but there was a stone, grass, flower, and tree within it.

Within the flow of radiance, they formed a house, a pavilion, a platform, and a residence. They then formed a city.

The city, forest, mountains, and rivers then formed an ever-changing world of black and white.

Just as this ever-changing flow was rising to the peak, the blinding radiance of the black and white world suddenly changed.

The originally black and white world turned into eight different beautiful colors.

These eight colors felt as though they were the most ‘proper’ colors.

Each color felt as though they were the colors of origin—pure yellow, red, indigo, green, blue, purple, orange, and black.

The universe’s eight colors contain limitless energy, the eight colors set all life.

The eight colors were so bright and colorful that it felt as though the world was going through a life-changing transformation.

At present, Lin Yuan was only able to see the eight colors flowing down the mountains and rivers. He was still unable to see the appearances of the Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps after the evolution.

However, Lin Yuan had this abnormal shock just after seeing the Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps’ post-evolution names.

With the bloodlines of the dragon and phoenix, the eternal mountain and rivers are settled.

The Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps were now named Mountain River Eternal Life Carps.

After a long period, the Bronze X/Legend Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps had finally completed the evolution into Silver I/Legend Mountain River Eternal Life Carps.

At that moment, the halo around the mountains and rivers that was produced from the eight colors finally dispersed.

Lin Yuan was finally able to see the Silver I/Legend Mountain River Eternal Life Carps’ appearances.

The difference between the Mountain River Eternal Life Carps and the Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps wasn’t that significant. However, the Mountain River Eternal Life Carps gave off an entirely different feeling to Lin Yuan.

Previously, the Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps gave off a feeling as though they were graceful, like the songs that echoed through miles of mountains. The Mountain River Eternal Carps gave off a feeling they were the blessings that protected the beautiful mountains and rivers.

Lin Yuan looked carefully at the eight colors, which replaced the black and white on the Mountain River Eternal Life Carps, causing his pupils to contract.

The patterns of mountains and rivers on the Mountain River Eternal Life Carps were now even more complex.

As the common saying went, “The four directions welcomed eight colors, while the eight colors produced six blessi

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