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Chapter 333: Faction Territory

If Lin Yuan wanted to create his private faction—apart from the wait for the Floating Island Whale to hatch—he would have to build a sky city on the back of the majestic giant beast.

At the same time, Lin Yuan had to establish his faction’s territory on Star Web.

To a certain extent, Star Web was already considered a second world in the Radiance Federation. In fact, more things could be accomplished on Star Web than in reality.

It was due to the massive size of the Radiance Federation’s map. Even with a Diamond fey, it was difficult to travel between two major cities. If it was to travel between the southernmost city and the northernmost city, it would need at least two months of journey.

Therefore, it was actually the most convenient for matters that weren’t very important to have the negotiation and trade on Star Web. Matters like the application to set up a guild club could be easily done at the Guild Alliance.

However, to be officially recognized as a guild club by the Guild Alliance in the list and to participate in the S Tournament, one would need to establish the home base first, and there would be plenty of inspections.

However, it was different when establishing a private faction, and it wouldn’t be as troublesome. In order to establish a private faction, one would need to prove to the Radiance Federation that they had a sufficient foundation.

The foundation didn’t mean wealth, but actually martial strength.

Once the faction possessed the combat standard of a pinnacle king-class faction, one would be able to submit the application to establish a private faction.

Establishing a private faction on Star Web was different from establishing a Star Web store.

For Star Web stores, the store’s grade would be increased gradually, allowing for the store’s space to increase. At the same time, all decorations on the Star Web store could be purchased in furnishing stores on Star Web. It didn’t have to be items that existed in reality and were scanned into the Star Web through the Star Web Card.

However, to establish a private faction on Star Web was the same as establishing a private faction in reality.

Firstly, a territory had to be purchased on Star Web.

The territory space on Star Web that was specifically used for factions would be as big as a B-level guild club from the Guild Alliance.

The territory bought from Star Web could be freely used for construction. However, all of the decorations inside the faction territory must be items from the real world and scanned by the Star Web Card.

It was precisely because of this reason that the foundation of a private faction could be seen by the territory’s construction.

Moreover, there was always this restriction for items scanned into the Star Web with the Star Web Card. For any fey or spiritual ingredient, they could only be scanned once by the Star Web Card.

It was also because of this reason, many

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