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Chapter 343: The Spirit-Gather Goldfish’s Second Bloodline Stimulation

The Oath Lily of the Valley’s appearance did not change much after evolving into Bronze/Legend. However, there was a layer of lustrous white stream of light among the white bell-like flowers that bloomed on the pagoda-shaped Oath Lily of the Valley the moment it reached Legend.

It was as if each of the white bell-shaped flowers lit up in a flash. It was like a tree of bells and nephrite with its bell-like shape. There was a feeling of wealth.

This pure white bell-shaped flowers’ stream of light after reaching Legend was the reason Oath Lily of the Valley could carry an oath. Or maybe the light was actually a kind of curse.

The Legend Oath Lily of the Valley’s flowers were both a container for an oath and a curse that sealed a betrayer’s Willpower Rune.

Lin Yuan did not pay too much attention to this Bronze/Legend Oath Lily of the Valley and stored it in the amber-button-shaped Diamond fey storage box.

This Bronze/Legend Oath Lily of the Valley was not something he would usually use, so there was no need to put it in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

The Spirit Lock spatial zone’s resources were tight, so placing it there would undoubtedly take up space.

After Lin Yuan bought an area on Star Web to establish his faction, he could place this Bronze/Legend Oath Lily of the Valley into the room within his faction.

There was only one last Bronze/Epic fey that Lin Yuan had not yet checked. It was also the Dragon’s Mouth Orchid that had been promoted from Bronze/Epic to Legend, which really gave Lin Yuan an eye-opener.

He did not know what changes would occur when the Dragon’s Mouth Orchid was promoted from Epic to Legend.

The flowers bloomed at Flawless were light blue, while those at Epic were dark blue.

However, Lin Yuan did not expect the flower from this Dragon’s Mouth Orchid would actually become black when it reached Legend.

The large black dragon-mouth-shaped flower was much larger than Lin Yuan’s palm.

If it were to be said that the Epic dark-blue Dragon’s Mouth Orchid’s stamen had a shiny, scaly wooden structure previously, there now seemed to be bright diamonds on this black Legend stamen.

This was a manifestation of wood crystallization.

After the Dragon’s Mouth Orchid reached Legend, Lin Yuan smelled the fragrance it emitted. It was so fragrant that it stank. It was also kind of stimulating, like liqueur, and was unique to dragon-species feys.

Lin Yuan had a hard time breaking off this large black Legend Dragon’s Mouth Orchid flower.

It had to be said that the flower grew quite sturdily on the stalk. If it was said that the previous usage of the spirit qi crystals to enhance these six Bronze/Epic feys into Legend was just small scale, Lin Yuan was now going to really enhance feys that belonged to him.

The one he wanted to enhance was none other than the Bronze X/Legend Spirit-Gather Goldfish withi

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