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Lin Yuan had plenty of valuable items. If he was willing to bring them out, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to decorate his private faction’s territory.

However, Lin Yuan wasn’t planning to spend his efforts to decorate the private faction’s outside environment. It was the same as wasting time.

The Floating Island Whale had yet to hatch, and if Lin Yuan used large amounts of feys and spiritual ingredients to decorate the territory, it would be the same as wasting the resources and smashing his own hand.

If these scanned items were sold, then they would vanish from the private faction’s Star Web territory. After each transaction, it would refresh those items’ scan count.

Furthermore, since Lin Yuan wanted to create a low-profile and secretive faction, then he didn’t have to spend any effort to create an exterior environment. However, the territory’s interior was something that Lin Yuan still had to put some effort into.

Regarding his private faction’s interior construction, Lin Yuan was going to fully exhibit his foundation.

Lin Yuan might already have the interior design, but he only had the designs and not the spirit craftsmanship.

Therefore, Lin Yuan required Hu Quan and his brilliant spirit craftsmanship to make his designs a reality.

Hu Quan already had the standard of a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman and could undertake Lin Yuan’s arrangements.

Lin Yuan’s private faction’s operation model would be entirely reliant on Fate Letters.

Fate Letters was a method for Lin Yuan to choose spirit qi professionals who comprehended Willpower Runes and for them to order a Bronze/Epic fey that was suitable for their respective Willpower Rune.

Lin Yuan planned for his private faction to sell 100 Fate Letters every three days in an auction. These Fate Letters would be contested for with Radiance dollars by experts, prestigious families, and various major factions.

Furthermore, this was a contest for merely a chance to obtain a Bronze/Epic fey according to the comprehended Willpower Rune.

All of the experts, prestigious families, and major factions that participated in the Fate Letters auction would only be able to auction for one Fate Letter.

Once the 100 Fate Letters were sold by auction, 100 participants would be able to go through the Star Web’s automatic ballot function and randomly deliver 100 Fate Letters to the 100 participants that purchased the Fate Letters.

Among the 100 Fate Letters, there were 99 Fate Letters drawn with black wings, signifying that it was an Ash Letter. Those who obtained the Ash Letters meant that they didn’t obtain the chance to order a Bronze/Epic fey based on their comprehended Willpower Rune.

There would only be one Fate Letter that was drawn with white wings, signifying that it was the Angel Letter.

The one who drew the Angel Letter would have the chance to order a Bronze/Epic fey that was suitable for their comprehended Willpower Rune.

The faction or indi

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