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Chapter 335: Listen With a Hidden Meaning

Lin Yuan found three more messages from Listen this time.

Listen: “Thank you for your help. Thank you so much. I wonder when you will have time to help enhance my feys’ quality?”

Listen: “Expert, if I add on another source-type item, could you help promote those two feys from Bronze/Flawless to Epic within 17 days?”

Listen: “Expert, hey, hey, hey!”

When Lin Yuan looked at Listen’s message, he raised his eyebrow. He could not help but have an interesting expression.

Based on Listen’s three messages, he could tell that he should really be in some kind of trouble.

Listen wanted to get two chances to enhance his feys’ quality from Bronze/Flawless to Epic. This was just a transaction and not a complicated one.

He had also finalized the deal before, but Listen was willing to provide another source-type item. By doing so, Listen hoped that he could enhance those two feys to Bronze/Epic within a certain period. This meant that Listen had a very urgent reason for having to do so within 17 days.

Otherwise, it was rare to see a buyer willing to take out another source-type item after a seller had agreed to proceed with the transaction.

After all, source-type items were unlike a cubic meter of Gold Day and Night Spirit Silver that could be bought with Radiance dollars.

Lin Yuan had only seen Listen’s messages when he had logged on to Star Web the previous night. He had also gotten off Star Web last night after replying to Listen.

When Lin Yuan logged onto Star Web in the morning, he found that not long after he had just gotten off Star Web, Listen had immediately replied to him.

Listen had sent him two messages last night and a third one today.

“Expert, hey, hey, hey.”

This was what Listen had sent him not long ago.

A message without content, like the third one, and that was as though he was trying to converse, greatly illustrated Listen’s anxiety while waiting for Lin Yuan’s reply.

That feeling was similar to when one had a very urgent matter and sent a message, but the other party was slow to reply. Thus, due to extreme anxiety, one would send another message. It served as a test as to whether the other party had seen one’s messages.

How would Listen, who had such high emotional intelligence and great ability to deal with people, not know this?

Therefore, Lin Yuan knew that such a situation was because Listen’s heart was in turmoil.

Lin Yuan sensed Listen’s anxiety, so he did not make things difficult for him. Instead, he replied, “Based on the previous deal, I can complete the enhancement of the feys’ quality after 17 days. You don’t have to add another source-type item.”

After replying to Listen’s message, Lin Yuan logged onto Star Web. He purchased a Wood Weaving House Centipede and an Oath Lily of the Valley.

A fey like the Wood Weaving House Centipede was not considered cheap among Normal feys. On the contrary, the Norma

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