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Layers of black crystal-like scales with dark gold patterns at the edge grew on Blackie’s body. As its body trembled violently, it was continuously growing longer.

If it was said that it was only 50cm before, it had now reached one meter long, twice as long as before. It was no longer as round as before and had instead become longer and stronger.

However, what remained unchanged was its large tail that was like a black peony flower. It was no longer as elegant as before. Instead, a layer of bone-like structure grew inside and supported the tail completely.

At that moment, another pair of dark-gold eyes appeared at the area where its eyes had been pushed to the top of its head and had formed crystal-like horns.

It was like putting on the finishing touches, and Lin Yuan had now seen Blackie’s evolution process. Its eyes were round and protruding, just like two large light bulbs, looking very cute.

However, its slender dragon eyes contained a kind of unique power and grimness of a flood dragon-species fey. After evolving at the bottom of the pool, Blackie had exhausted all its strength. Blackie’s evolution just now seemed as though it had just been to the gates of hell.

However, it knew that Lin Yuan had been at the side of the spirit pool to accompany it. Blackie, which was at the bottom of the spirit pool, flung its tail and leaped out of the water into Lin Yuan’s arms.

The one-meter-long Blackie was heavy now, but it was not a problem for Lin Yuan, who had been a C-rank spirit qi professional for some time now, to carry the Blackie that weighed 15 to 20 kilograms.

As Lin Yuan felt Blackie’s silly affection in his arms, the corners of his mouth could not help but twitch. His clothes, which he had changed after the three Mountain River Eternal Life Carps had drenched before entering the Spirit Lock spatial zone, had gotten completely wet again.

Lin Yuan carried Blackie and channeled spiritual power to sense its changes. He could clearly sense that its body condition had improved drastically. At the same time, although it was still silly, its intelligence had also made great progress.

If it was said that Blackie was a student that pretended he understood, it was now a student that sort of understood.

When Lin Yuan used Morbius’ True Data to check Blackie’s attributes, he found that it was no longer called a Spirit-Gather Goldfish. It was a Spirit-Drawing Ichthyosaur.

Upon seeing this name, Lin Yuan’s eyes shrunk. He had never thought that the Legend Dragon’s Mouth Orchid would have such a strong effect on stimulating a dragon-species fey’s bloodline.

Blackie was now no longer considered a fish fey.

If it was called the Spirit-Drawing Dragonfish under True Data after stimulating its bloodline, its fish-species bloodline would still be dominant in its body.

However, Blackie’s name under True Data was now Spirit-Drawing Ichthyosaur, which meant that the dragon-species bloodline dominated its

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