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Chapter 320: The Mansion’s New Member

However, Hu Quan’s contracted feys were not all support-type feys suitable for Spirit Craftsman work. Lin Yuan was truly happy for Hu Quan. A person who had dreams and kept working hard for them would always succeed.

When Lin Yuan had seen the crane shadowed censer Hu Quan had carved, the latter’s Spirit Craftsman skills attracted him. He did not expect that Hu Quan’s Spirit Craftsman skills would have long since not been at the level of a Class 4 Spirit Craftsman.

Just because Hu Quan had not comprehended a second Willpower Rune, he did not have a second Fantasy Breed fey and was stuck in the aspect of a spirit qi professional. Therefore, he had been unable to become a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman.

Hu Quan pondered for a moment and took the contract he had signed with Lin Yuan out of his Diamond fey storage box. He handed it to Lin Yuan and said, “Lin Yuan, I want to annul this contract.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan’s expression stiffened, but he then spread a smile on his face and answered, “Sure, Uncle Hu. No problem.”

Class 5 Spirit Craftsmen were considered bigshots in the Radiance Federation. Although Spirit Craftsmen were not as honorable as Creation Masters, any Class 5 lifestyle-class spirit qi professional was enough to be called a foundational resource. Thus, Lin Yuan could understand why Hu Quan wanted to annul the contract.

At that time, Lin Yuan and Hu Quan’s contract was non-restrictive and could be annulled.

Unexpectedly, Hu Quan changed the topic. “I also want to keep staying in this mansion, like Wen Yu and Liu Jie. I wish to become a part of this mansion.”

When Lin Yuan heard that, he was stunned. Hu Quan did not know of his Creation Master ability, nor did he know about his identity as Black. In Lin Yuan’s opinion, it was shocking that Hu Quan had made such a decision.

“Since you’ve said so, I’m naturally very happy to accept it. It’s also an honor for this mansion if you become a part of it. May I ask what conditions you have?”

Hu Quan laughed when Lin Yuan asked him about his conditions. “My conditions are still the same as before. You just need to always provide me with the completely jade-textured wood.”

Hu Quan added, “Just like this month’s variety of completely jade-textured wood.”

Hu Quan could now be considered a Quasi-Class 5 Creation Master. As long as he gained the Radiance Federation’s officials’ recognition, Hu Quan would receive a significant increase in both his status and prestige.

If Hu Quan was willing, he could be treated as the major factions’ top guests. However, in Hu Quan’s opinion, it was useless.

Could all this fame and prestige be used as endless amounts of completely jade-textured wood?

It could be said that Hu Quan had experienced what was true joy in the human world during this month. He could also use the completely jade-textured wood as much as he wished.

Based on just the environment of the

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