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When Bai Hao heard that, he put down the clothes in his arms and pulled Liu Jie out. Liu Jie sighed. Bai Hao seemed to be serious!

Bai Hao really liked the Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess and not the feeling of rewarding in her live-streaming room, but that was what made it even harder.

Bai Hao did not know who the Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess was. He had only heard her voice. He did not have the mood to shop anymore and went back to his guild club.

Liu Jie also returned to the mansion with the fresh spiritual ingredients he had just bought.

In over a month’s training outside, Liu Jie had become accustomed to the Insect Queen’s Platinum ability inscribed with the Hurricane Owlet Moth’s model. This gave Liu Jie the confidence he could rank among the Radiance Hundred Sequence’s top 30.

It might even be possible to say that Liu Jie could reach the top 20 if he had a burst of strength. Nonetheless, Liu Jie did not dare to guarantee all this.

Although Liu Jie had become stronger in these three years, would other Radiance Hundred Sequence members have stagnated?

Thus, Liu Jie did not intend to expose his full strength in this Sequence ranking. He would just strive for Radiance Hundred Sequence’s top 30.

This training session’s strength increase boosted Liu Jie’s confidence a little after finding out Lin Yuan was Black.

When Liu Jie arrived in the mansion, he saw Lin Yuan eating fruits and drinking tea with Wen Yu and Hu Quan. Liu Jie hurried to greet the three of them and took the fresh ingredients to cook. It was really not early now.

The sun was sinking to the west, and even the afterglow had disappeared. It was replaced by faint stars that dotted the sky.

Lin Yuan and Wen Yu hurriedly went to the kitchen to help, but Liu Jie chased them out. He didn’t want them in the kitchen.

Although Liu Jie was not a chef, he was more than willing to turn his joy into food to share it with his comrades. This was the passion of Liu Jie, a man who was not very good with words.

Lin Yuan hurriedly rushed into the kitchen and shouted, “Big Brother Liu, make more. Two more people will come for dinner tonight.”

When Liu Jie heard that he came out of the kitchen and looked at Lin Yuan before asking seriously, “How much do they eat?”

Lin Yuan did not know how much Endless Summer ate, but upon thinking of how much the Mother of Bloodbath ate, he replied, “A lot. Really a lot.”

Upon hearing that, Liu Jie immediately asked with a tinge of disbelief, “More than Wen Yu?”

Wen Yu was next to Liu Jie and felt like a bolt striking her head out of the blue. Liu Jie, a guy who failed to understand women, was hopeless. Lin Yuan was still a little more normal.

At that moment, Lin Yuan said, “Even if Wen Yu can eat four bowls of rice per meal, she can’t eat half the amount of food that one of our guests can eat!”

Upon hearing that, Liu Jie calculated the amount of rice he should prepare and returned to the kitchen t

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