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Chapter 312: Red Thorn’s Three Paths

If he wanted to risk changing Red Thorn’s evolution path to evolving its ortet, then its evolution potential would have been wasted. Naturally, he would not do that.

The second evolution path that Red Thorn had transmitted was maintaining its ortet’s and child ramets’ co-evolution.

While enhancing the ortet’s attack ability, it would also enhance the sea of flowers’ combat ability. This evolution path was also the one Lin Yuan had been letting Red Thorn choose so far.

This evolution method maintained part of Red Thorn’s ortet’s combat ability while enhancing the spawned sea of flowers spawned.

However, Lin Yuan hesitated when he saw Red Thorn’s third evolution request. It was what he had been thinking about in the past few days.

It could be said that Red Thorn would give up on its ortet’s combat ability for the third evolution request. The combat ability of the spawned child ramets and ramets would be increased instead. This would greatly enhance their strength and the speed at which the sea of flowers spread.

If Red Thorn chose this third evolution path when it became a Fantasy Breed, it would greatly weaken the ortet’s combat ability.

This would let the ortet change from being a unit with combat ability to a purely producing unit.

Such an evolution method could be said to be like the first one—They were evolving toward the extreme. It was just that it would turn from an extreme single-target to multi-target attacker for the first one.

However, this third evolution path also coincided with the evolution path that Lin Yuan had always let Red Thorn evolve toward.

The Acid Corrosion Queen Bee that parasitized in Red Thorn’s body could completely take up the role of a single-target attacker.

In fact, Red Thorn’s ortet did not need to have an extremely strong defense either. Lin Yuan’s Source Sand could protect Red Thorn’s ortet, and so could the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee.

More importantly, based on Red Thorn’s recent performance in battles, its ortet single-target combat ability was hardly effective, regardless of whether it was on Star Web or the battles in the dimensional rift.

Instead, Red Thorn’s child ramets’ and ramets’ sea of flowers had played a role.

Although the second evolution path did not appear to be a mistake and was evolving in an all-rounded manner, it was too average and even mediocre.

Red Thorn was not Lin Yuan’s only fey. Thus, he did not need it to take care of everything. There were times when a specific contracted fey excelled in a specific area, often better than its overall development.

Although it seemed that Lin Yuan’s Red Thorn and Source Sand were similar in the way they developed, they had different positions in his heart.

The Source Sand was an elemental lifeform, so it was destined to develop in different directions.

Lin Yuan focused on the development of its defense while nurturing it. However, he also m

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