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If the mansion arrangements were the decorated embryonic form, then the entire mansion had been refined into a work of art now. All of this was obviously thanks to Hu Quan.

Lin Yuan could see a kind of a Spirit Craftsman’s pursuit of art on Hu Quan. He was a bigot and passionate. It was clearly a very laborious thing, but Hu Quan had done it with a body full of energy. The elegance of this mansion was displayed to the fullest under Hu Quan’s design.

Due to the three Landscape Carps’ exclusive skill, Place of Life, the bamboo feys within 3,000 meters of the bamboo forest in the mansion were absorbing the 250,000kg of high-grade energy ores fragments from the land and constantly growing.

When the wind blew in the mansion, it would bring a hint of bamboo fragrance. There was much of the elegant music of the bamboo stream and the green forest.

The more Lin Yuan observed the mansion changes, the more he could not help but have a hint of doubt. Hu Quan, a Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, would not have carved and designed the mansion without resting for days and nights, right?

After entering the gate, Lin Yuan found that the completely jade-textured wood had been put to good use.

The completely jade-textured wood’s various colors were carved into an openwork and then set on the roof walls, allowing it to emit a placid jade luster.

The completely jade-textured wooden carved ornaments and appliances were placed there. This made every detail in the mansion give off a natural and warm feeling.

However, Lin Yuan touched his nose. Although there was a feeling of art, it was far less amazing than the feeling of luxury.

Hu Quan had plastered patches of jade-textured wood on the mansion’s largest wall. There were many fine jade-textured wood particles inlaid on the patches.

Lin Yuan observed the general look of this feature wall. He was on that wall. Besides himself, Chimey, Genius, Red Thorn, Source Sand, and the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly were also included. There were even Wen Yu and her Sunlight Egret and the Earth Rush Golden Lotus. In addition, there were also Liu Jie and his contracted source-type Insect Queen.

At present, Wen Yu was helping Hu Quan inside the house. Hu Quan was also carving something now.

After seeing this wall, Lin Yuan’s heart uncontrollably warmed up. From the beginning of its construction, Lin Yuan had never considered this mansion in the Royal Capital as something that completely belonged to him.

In his opinion, this was his, Chu Ci’s, Liu Jie’s, Wen Yu’s, and the Mother of Bloodbath’s common home. But now, Endless Summer would have to be included in this home. Despite having many family members in this house, Lin Yuan was the core of the family.

Liu Jie was Lin Yuan’s retainer knight, Wen Yu was his assistant, the Mother of Bloodbath was his Path Protector, while Endless Summer was his Protector.

However, the Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, Hu Quan, was trying hard to give Lin Yuan

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