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Chapter 313: The Swelling Mouth of Relinquish

Lin Yuan took a deep breath while he looked at Red Thorn, which had reached Legend quality and was just one step away from becoming a Fantasy Breed.

If Lin Yuan was most worried about one of his many contracted feys, it would definitely be Red Thorn. He was worried for Red Thorn as it could only consume flesh and blood to evolve, and not even a true Creation Master could do anything. Let alone the fact that Lin Yuan had constantly been holding back Red Thorn at the Bronze grade. Actually, Lin Yuan was already prepared to keep Red Thorn at the Bronze grade as long as it could reach Fantasy Breed first.

But now that Red Thorn had already reached the Legend quality, it meant that it had overcome the hardest obstacle. Upon sensing Red Thorn’s intimate feelings, Lin Yuan let out a smile and revealed a set of white teeth.

He extended his hand to hold Red Thorn’s vine and said, “Red Thorn, I didn’t expect you to actually upgrade to a Fantasy Breed before Genius.”

According to Lin Yuan’s calculations, he had been pushing back the schedule for Red Thorn to upgrade into a Fantasy Breed. In fact, Lin Yuan felt that Morbius was probably going to upgrade into a Fantasy Breed before Red Thorn.

Red Thorn might not understand Lin Yuan’s words, but it could sense the meaning. It was swaying its vines and looked to be very happy.

Lin Yuan immediately summoned the Willpower Rune that contained newborn life within destruction. He had already decided beforehand, and the Willpower Rune was now covered in a layer of green light.

The green color exuded indescribable willpower, and it felt as though all things came to an end just to have a better beginning.

Lin Yuan held his breath and sent this Willpower Rune toward Red Thorn at lightning speed.

Red Thorn opened its Mouth of Relinquish voluntarily and welcomed the Willpower Rune, consuming it.

At that moment, Lin Yuan gave Red Thorn the command to evolve toward the third option. However, Lin Yuan received another request from Red Thorn this time. The request was different from before.

Previously, Red Thorn was requesting the evolution direction, but now, it was requesting for Lin Yuan to add on another ability or function.

It was just the same as when Red Thorn had hatched from the Source Seed and given Lin Yuan’s request to weaken its roots. That’s why Red Thorn wouldn’t have to fix itself into the soil during combat, allowing it to move around using its vines, providing mobility.

According to Red Thorn’s request, Lin Yuan had decided on the evolutionary path to consume flesh and blood, allowing Red Thorn to become a predatory plant.

It was also why Red Thorn would grow the Mouth of Relinquish and also be able to store so many extreme corrosive fluids in the various corrosive cavities. As a result, it had allowed the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee to set Red Thorn as its base.

Now that Red Thorn was requesting to

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