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Chapter 327: How Can You Fish Out Real Gold Without Creating Huge Waves?

At that moment, under the skinny bald Old Feng’s dumbfounded eyes, a fair man as fat as a sesame ball—Old Song—took out his pen. He then switched the positions of the abyss dimensional rift and the alien insect dimensional rift on the proposal.

He changed it from 8 Class 2 abyss dimensional rifts and 12 pinnacle Class 1 alien insect dimensional rifts into 8 Class 2 alien insect dimensional rifts and 12 pinnacle Class 1 demon dimensional rifts.

“Old Song, you’re too ruthless changing it like that!”

In Old Feng’s opinion, such a switch would undoubtedly be akin to adding numerous high-grade combatants while enhancing those low-grade combatants.

The terror of Class 2 alien insect dimensional rifts could not be compared to the Class 2 abyss dimensional rifts. There were at least over five times the dimensional lifeforms.

Those low-grade combatants in the Class 1 dimensional rift had been switched to the strongest abyss dimensional rift. The test’s difficulty had increased by several times with this simple change.

At that moment, Old Song said solemnly, “How can you fish out real gold without creating huge waves?”

Just as dawn was about to arrive, that contingency plan, which obviously only had a few words but had been delayed all night, was sent to an ordinary middle-aged man, who had previously been sitting on one of the Imperial Court council’s 13 seats.

He looked at the proposal for a long time. He eventually got up and went to the Star Web official. However, all this was hidden in the sunlight with no one knowing.

The rising sun in the early morning shone on Lin Yuan’s face, waking him up from his slumber. He stretched and washed up before he went downstairs with the half-asleep Genius.

Genius felt warm in Lin Yuan’s embrace, and it soon fell asleep again and snored. Lin Yuan simply put Genius on the water rhinoceros leather sofa in the first floor’s living room, letting it have a good rest on the soft sofa.

Although Genius had now evolved into a Thousand Questions Beast, it had evolved from a housekeeping beast, the Hundred Questions Beast.

A cat species like the Hundred Questions Beast was very fond of sleeping. Even if Genius had long broken through a Hundred Questions Beast’s limit, becoming a Bronze X/Legend Thousand Questions Beast, it still had the habit of sleeping.

Lin Yuan noticed that at this time last year, Genius could sleep over 16 hours. But now, even though it seemed to be a little lazy every day, it had no problem after sleeping around ten hours.

Liu Jie was currently setting breakfast on the table. Ever since Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, and Wen Yu had started living in this mansion, as long as Liu Jie was there in the morning, he would prepare breakfast.

Today’s breakfast was honey pancakes, hot fruit kernel porridge, and freshly squeezed banana milk. However, the strong food aroma made Lin Yua

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