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Chapter 322: Celestial 1-Star

When Lin Yuan had previously played the Battle Flag game, he felt that Wen Yu was impressive, but not to this extent!

However, he could see her ability in deploying resources, which was simply a game of chess. It could be used in business and even in the planning and operation of a faction.

Lin Yuan intended to establish his faction. He had a powerhouse, Endless Summer, but he did not have a suitable strategist. If Wen Yu had the ability to deploy resources, plan, and operate, it could help Lin Yuan solve many problems.

Lin Yuan was meticulous in the establishment of his faction. Given his character and way of doing things, he decided he would never be someone who asked others to work but did nothing himself in his faction. He planned to find time to talk with Wen Yu about some ideas about his faction.

After playing this Battle Flag game, everyone returned to their rooms. At that moment, Lin Yuan found that Hu Quan had yet to return to his room to rest. Instead, he began to carefully carve those fine, completely jade-textured wood fragments in the living room.

Lin Yuan could not help but remind him, “Uncle Hu, it’s late. Do it tomorrow. Your health matters.”

Carving the completely jade-textured wood would not produce any noise. Lin Yuan was just afraid that Hu Quan’s body might not be able to take it if he stayed up continuously.

When Lin Yuan enhanced feys for days and nights, he would even ensure that he had five hours of rest every day.

One’s body was the capital to do everything. If one’s body collapsed, then τηευ would have nothing.

Hu Quan replied with a smile, “I’m processing the fragment shape I need to make the Mother of Bloodbath’s and Endless Summer’s figures on the feature wall first. This way, it can all be arranged on the feature wall tomorrow.”

As Hu Quan said this, his eyes betrayed warmth and profound meaning. The warmth was because Hu Quan had been by himself for so many years and had been used to solitude due to his profession.

But now, with these partners, even the middle-aged Hu Quan managed to experience a kind of thing called ‘the serenity of the years’ thanks to that meal with his partners.

Time was faint, and people loved to make noise and laugh. No one was an isolated island.

As for the profound meaning, it was because he had discovered that the Mother of Bloodbath and Endless Summer were Suzerain/Myth Breed feys.

Although Hu Quan was a king-class expert without a high aptitude who only possessed a Fantasy Breed fey, and the girl had changed their hair color, he still had rich experience.

Hu Quan felt that he had been unable to see through Lin Yuan, but all this did not matter to Hu Quan. He felt that since he had joined this mansion, he was akin to being a person on Lin Yuan’s side. They would share joys and sorrows together.

Hu Quan had the awareness of a follower. He might not be able to help much in other areas, but i

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