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Lin Yuan’s opponent had been wandering between Celestial Stairway and the promotion duels, and Lin Yuan sent him down the Celestial Stairway.

Tian Ningning accessed the Celestial Stairway’s video library and watched Lin Yuan’s battle. She found that she did not know what to write about this duel record.

For an exclusive reporter, the real difficulty was not to write about a wonder, evenly matched battle. Instead, it was really hard to write about a duel that ended in a few seconds.

Tian Ningning preferred writing the combat reports in the most authentic way. For this two-second duel’s battle report, she planned to write two words, ‘Instant kill’, and be done with it.

After Lin Yuan finished the Celestial Stairway duel, he could not help but be a little confused.

Was it his bad luck to meet such strong opponents as Chen Hongfeng and Poison Beauty during the promotion duels, or was it that his luck was simply too good after he reached the Celestial Stairway that he met duelists that should not have appeared on the Celestial Stairway?

Lin Yuan had only just gone through training and did not intend to hone his combat skills on Star Web again.

Although Red Thorn had become a Silver/Fantasy Breed lifeform, it was clearly ineffective to increase the combat chemistry with Red Thorn in a place like Star Web.

A single-person duel on Star Web was not enough to let Red Thorn showcase its sea of flowers’ power after reaching Silver I/Fantasy I. Thus, Lin Yuan did not proceed to the next Star Web duel again.

Instead, he logged out as Black, a combat-class spirit qi professional. Then he logged onto Star Web with his Creation Master identity.

Black usually received Star Web messages from Tian Ningning alone. However, his Creation Master message box was always full.

Lin Yuan could not handle this huge piece of news, so he stopped reading strangers’ messages. Anyway, these people messaged him for trivial matters.

It was either they wanted to purchase Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish and Silver Usneas in large batches, or they wanted to ask him whether he had any extra Flower Brocade Pearls to exchange.

Of course, the most frequent of these messages were asking him whether he had any Bronze/Epic feys to trade.

After all, nothing could attract the attention of a spirit qi professional who had comprehended a Willpower Rune more than a Bronze/Epic fey. Even if there were any, there were probably only Bronze/Legend feys.

If someone posted a message wanting to receive a Bronze/Legend fey, everyone would probably think that said person was stupid or had drank and eaten cephalosporin.

At this moment, Lin Yuan noticed that someone on his friend list had sent him messages. The friends that he had added as a Creation Master and as Black were the same. There were hardly a few of them.

Except for the braised egg head occasionally being talkative and Zhou Jiaxin finding him to talk about the store dividends, the

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