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Chapter 314: Exclusive Skill, Wither Glory

If the Mouth of Relinquish required supply, the sack-like plants would immediately provide the digestive fluids.

Previously, Red Thorn’s Mouth of Relinquish looked rather sinister and ugly. Now with so many sack-like plants and the twelve charming red flowers, it actually gave Red Thorn an abnormal beauty, making it sinister and charming.

At that moment, Red Thorn had officially reached Fantasy Breed. It was now Bronze X/Fantasy I.

Immediately after, the massive flesh and blood energy inside the Mouth of Relinquish burst out completely.

Intense exploding sounds came from the Mouth of Relinquish. All of the energy waves due to the Mouth of Relinquish’s digestive capability actually made Lin Yuan feel a sense of repulsion.

The Fantasy Breed Red Thorn absorbed the immense blood and flesh energy from the demon wave.

Red Thorn was currently evolving toward Silver/Fantasy I.

All of a sudden, Lin Yuan realized that the Mouth of Relinquish was bulging with several fist-sized lumps.

Due to the digestion of flesh and blood energy, the bulges were getting bigger and finally split open.

Lin Yuan realized that all these bulges were actually eyes.

There looked to be over 60 fist-sized eyes with a rough glance, and they had a bewitching dark-red color. Each of those eyes was brimming with blood and flesh energy.

Lin Yuan could feel that each of Mouth of Relinquish’s grown eyes was storing half of the blood and flesh energy that Red Thorn had.

With 60 Eyes of Relinquish, it was the same as increasing Red Thorn’s ability to store energy by close to 30 times.

Furthermore, the energy could be used at any moment.

Red Thorn might not be able to instantly convert the energy into damage, but its ability to expand the sea of flowers had drastically increased.

These eyes were probably the new evolution that allowed it to possess the energy storage function.

Nearing the end of the evolution, Red Thorn suddenly grew a vine. The vine was extremely smooth, and this time it was close to ten meters in length.

Once this vine was grown, Red Thorn completed its evolution into a Silver/Fantasy fey.

Lin Yuan checked on Red Thorn’s True Data.

[Fey Name]: Red Thorn (Predator Plant) (Thousand Eyes Relinquish)

[Fey Species]: Rafflesia genus/Vine subspecies

[Fey Grade]: Silver (1/10)

[Fey Type]: Source/Wood

[Fey Quality]: Fantasy I


[Mouth of Relinquish]: Secretes vigorous digestive fluids with powerful corrosive properties, allowing a faster speed to absorb the energy in the food. The Tongue of Relinquish inside the mouth is able to increase the digestion speed by several times. It can also secrete a special corrosive fluid from the flesh and blood that is consumed.

[Brutal Carnivore Vine]: The vines contain digestive fluids that grow in mid-air, and the sharp teeth on the inner side of the vine can grind off and collect fle

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