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Chapter 315: Everything for the Bootlicker

Lin Yuan didn’t expect when Red Thorn evolved into a Silver/Fantasy fey, it would actually resolve a flaw that couldn’t be ignored. It was the problem of how to expand the sea of flowers.

At present, these simplified spore cavity ramets could be considered as several base stations. They could be responsible for supplying spores to a certain range.

Red Thorn’s spores might be very light and suitable for spreading out, but it was ultimately too difficult to spread them too far away. Red Thorn would be able to expand the sea of flowers with the simplified spore cavity ramets now. As long as Red Thorn had enough blood and flesh energy, it would be able to indefinitely expand the sea of flowers.

Furthermore, the bigger the radius of the sea of flowers, the easier it was for Red Thorn to obtain enough blood and flesh energy, forming an optimal cycle.

This was simply the nightmare for low-class dimensional lifeforms. All of the low-class dimensional lifeforms would become nutrients for Red Thorn, contributing to their part to expand the sea of flowers.

Lin Yuan felt that Red Thorn was totally worthy of the title of Low-Class Lifeform Executor.

At that moment, an Eye of Relinquish suddenly opened. Red Thorn used the vine channel to transfer the Eye of Relinquish to a simplified spore cavity ramet. When Red Thorn noticed that Lin Yuan was paying attention, it suddenly withdrew the Eye of Relinquish, which it had transferred over forcefully. It then let out a hissing sound to prove this point to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan didn’t think that the Eye of Relinquish could be used in such a flexible method. It could actually be transferred to anywhere in the sea of flowers through the connected vine channel between Red Thorn and the ramets.

This would greatly increase the tenacity of the sea of flowers. It allowed Red Thorn to be the queen that could take control of the sea of flowers, providing an appropriate supply of resources in an instant.

Furthermore, this wasn’t the most important. In a large-scale battle, if there was an endless supply of blood and flesh energy, then Red Thorn would be able to constantly transfer out the Eyes of Relinquish.

In the depths of the flowers, it was unknown when the Eye of Relinquish would appear and attack with half of Red Thorn’s blood and flesh energy. It was the same as hiding assassins within the sea of flowers and waiting to harvest the enemy’s life.

The Tongue of Relinquish that grew within the Mouth of Relinquish showed that Red Thorn’s digestive ability had been completely upgraded. From all the dimensional lifeforms that Red Thorn consumed, there were various types of acid.

It would be able to concoct an acid that was most suitable for digesting different types of dimensional lifeforms with the existence of the Tongue of Relinquish. This would greatly increase the efficiency of digestion.

The Tongue of Relinquish wasn’t just

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