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Endless Summer could clearly feel that Red Thorn’s wisdom was like a child who just could express happiness, anger, and sadness.

Lin Yuan must have usually treated it extremely well. Otherwise, even if he was Red Thorn’s contractor, it would never be so dependent on him.

Given Red Thorn’s wisdom, if Lin Yuan did not treat it well, it would instead fear him. A fey’s fear and obedience toward a human was what Endless Summer hated the most.

As she looked at Red Thorn’s vine that was clinging to Lin Yuan’s hand and the red ribbon tied on the vine, Endless Summer suddenly felt that even time had warmed up.

It had recently snowed heavily in the depths of the Endless Forest, and the snow-covered ground revealed a coldness. However, the affection in front of her made the scenery as warm as midsummer in August.

“My Enlightenment Law Rune can enlighten a plant fey with the power it condenses every five years. I enlighten myself every five years, but I’ve set aside a chance to enlighten myself.

“I thought if I could not resist the World Cleansing when I reached Myth III, I could use this enlightenment chance to earn myself a chance of survival, but I didn’t use it.

“I’m not sure whether this Law Rune’s enlightenment can promote your contracted Red Thorn from Epic to Legend.”

After saying that, Endless Summer summoned her pink-purple petal-like Enlightenment Willpower Rune and enlightened Red Thorn.

She did so very quickly, and Lin Yuan could feel that after Red Thorn digested this enlightenment, it immediately fell into a deep sleep. He knew that this was a necessary state for it to improve its strength.

Red Thorn was originally just a source-type Source Seed, and it had turned out this way now because it had followed the evolution path that Lin Yuan had chosen for it.

It could be said that Red Thorn was like a blank canvas, but this blank canvas had been drawn into its current state under the joint efforts of Lin Yuan and Red Thorn.

Lin Yuan did not dare to say that Red Thorn’s current evolution and form were at the optimum path. However, its current state was most suitable for his combat style.

Endless Summer sensed Red Thorn’s state and said, “It takes seven days for one enlightenment. It looks like it has a high chance of promoting its quality.”

Lin Yuan nodded. Just a second before Endless Summer had spoken, he had already known that Red Thorn’s quality would certainly be raised.

This was because Red Thorn had transmitted a request to him. It had asked in which direction it should evolve afterward.

Lin Yuan did not expect that Endless Summer’s enlightenment would be so powerful. It was akin to letting the Bronze/Epic Red Thorn cross this hurdle that was hard to overcome and reach Bronze/Legend.

However, he knew that this Law Rune’s enlightenment was so powerful because Endless Summer had just reached Myth III.

Furthermore, Endless Summer could only cast it once every five years.

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