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Chapter 324: Dragon’s Mouth Orchid

It might pose some difficulty to an intermediate Class 4 Creation Master to raise a Bronze/Flawless fey to Epic. However, it was not a big deal to Lin Yuan. He could get it done easily.

Lin Yuan replied to him.

Deep Mountain Elder Lin: “I can consider if you have three source-type items.”

Since Listen had sent the message a few days ago, Lin Yuan did not expect him to be able to reply to his message now.

Ever since Lin Yuan had received the round item that the Mother of Bloodbath had given him, he had the thought of collecting more source-type items.

This was because the source-type item that the Mother of Bloodbath felt was odd and useless was exactly what Liu Jie needed the most.

The value of source-type items varied from person to person. There were no useless source-type items, only people who were not suitable. Therefore, the source-type items were a very precious and irreplaceable material. In short, there was no harm in collecting more source-type items.

When he logged off Star Web, Lin Yuan found that Genius was lying on all fours on the bed, sleeping soundly. He then gingerly went over and covered Genius with the blanket.

Lin Yuan still felt he was not sleepy. He took the weed-like Dragon’s Mouth Orchid that he had picked deep in the Endless Forest out of his Diamond fey storage box. He was prepared to nurture it.

After taking out the Normal Dragon’s Mouth Orchid, Lin Yuan examined it for a moment and realized that he could not really tell that it was an orchid fey without using Morbius’ True Data.

Most orchid feys were simply no different from weeds when they did not bloom at Normal. There was not much difference between this Dragon’s Mouth Orchid and the White Jade Snow Orchid that Lin Yuan had obtained when they did not bloom at Normal.

If he were to really distinguish it in detail, the Dragon’s Mouth Orchid’s slender leaves had a few faint gradient lines compared to the White Jade Snow Orchid. Their leaves were also more slender.

Although orchid feys were nothing special when they did not bloom, they would live up to the ‘nobleman of flowers’ reputation.

Among plums, orchids, bamboo, and chrysanthemums, the four most elegant flowers, orchid feys were considered a relatively precious type of fey.

The White Jade Snow Orchid that Lin Yuan had nurtured was not considered a superior-class orchid. However, the Dragon’s Mouth Orchid that he was holding onto was a prestigious class of superior orchids.

Lin Yuan entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone with this Normal Dragon’s Mouth Orchid. He started to channel his spiritual power into it and enhance it. This Normal Dragon’s Mouth Orchid constantly improved its quality and grade bit by bit in Lin Yuan’s hands.

When this Dragon’s Mouth Orchid actually broke through to Bronze, a thick flower stalk that bore a dark-blue flower bud sprang out of the few slender orchid leaves with gradient color

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