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Chapter 316: The Cruel Fey Storage Box

The Diamond VII/Epic Storm Long-Winged Falcon laid on the ground and Endless Summer said with a smile, “No need to be so troublesome. This falcon flies fast.”

Lin Yuan looked and nodded in agreement. Weren’t the falcons the fastest avians?

Lin Yuan, Endless Summer, and the Mother of Bloodbath sat on its back and headed toward the Royal Capital.

After flying for over a day, it was as if the world had changed. They had left the far north and could not see the snow anymore.

Lin Yuan looked at the vast mountains and rivers below the Storm Long-Winged Falcon. Regardless of the gains from his training in that controlled Class 3 abyss dimensional rift or the Endless Forest’s depths, he felt that he had gained a lot.

Lin Yuan was now going to return to the Royal Capital and prepare to apply for his guild club during the few months the S Tournament lasted. At the same time, he could consider establishing his faction with Endless Summer’s protection.

Even if the Floating Island Whale had yet to hatch, Lin Yuan could first sketch the prototype of his personal power first. After everything had been arranged, the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection should start.

The Diamond VII/Epic Storm Long-Winged Falcon reached the Royal Capital in two days. It was much faster than the Diamond Divine Travel Black Swallow. However, the Storm Long-Winged Falcon was very violent. It was a bird of prey that was good in attacks.

If the two Suzerain/Myth Breed feys, Endless Summer and the Mother of Bloodbath, had not subdued it, it would not have been so obedient and sent the three of them to the Royal Capital.

Some organizations in the Radiance Federation that rented avian feys would never think of capturing Storm Long-Winged Falcons to nurture.

Although Storm Long-Winged Falcons were rather docile to the Creation Masters that nurtured them and raised their grade, it was clearly unrealistic to let them fly with passengers. That was unless the Creation Master that nurtured the Storm Long-Winged Falcon was willing to become a pilot on its back.

Only through this way could they ensure that the Storm Long-Winged Falcon would not wantonly attack other people. However, it was even more unlikely for the Creation Master to become a pilot.

Creation Masters who could nurture Storm Long-Winged Falcons were at least Class 3 ones. No organization that hired avian transportation feys could afford the price to hire Creation Masters of such a class as pilots.

While on the Storm Long-Winged Falcon’s back for the past two days, Lin Yuan had ordered a Diamond fey storage box from Ostrich Logistics on Star Web for Endless Summer.

After all, it was inconvenient doing anything without a piece of spatial storage equipment like a Diamond fey storage box to carry one’s belongings with them.

When Endless Summer was still in her plant form, she had not needed to store any belongings. Now that she ha

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