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Chapter 311: Totem Moon Hanging High for Three Days

Iron Prison slapped the table, stood up, and said, “We must be tough to the end for this.”

After he finished speaking, no one responded. The man with the smiling face stopped tapping his finger on the table and pulled Iron Prison, who was sitting next to him, to take a seat. He did this with great skill as if he had done it many times.

Chief Guard Ye also stood up and waved her hand. Nearly 100 source-type items fell on the stone table.

They set off radiant patterns rising in spirals on the stone table, showing that these source-type items were unusually dazzling.

“Within the Radiance Federation, there are a total of 109 source-type items, 33 of which come from the controlled Class 3 dimensional rifts, 57 from the controlled Class 2 dimensional rifts, and the remaining 29 from the Class 1 dimensional rifts.” Chief Guard Ye paused. “However, these Class 1 dimensional rifts are alien insect dimensional rifts that are in the remote prefectures around the major cities.”

Although her voice sounded light, it carried indescribable seriousness. The people present had long known all about it, but none of them had expected that someone would plot something in so many dimensional rifts. This juncture also happened to be the once-in-a-decade active period of the dimensional rifts.

After listening to Chief Guard Ye’s report, the old man sitting on the main seat turned to the Moon Empress, and his calm voice sounded again.

“Moon Empress, what do you think?”

The Moon Empress did not stand up. Instead, she sat straight up and replied, “All rules change with time, but what never changes is whoever is the strongest will have the right to speak. We’ve already been plotted against. What opinions can I have? I’ve ordered Totem Moon to head to the Dark Stone Continent, where Dark is located. Dark should not be behind this matter, but he must also be involved with this power.

“Then, let Dark hang Totem Moon high for three days as a price to pay.

“Since someone has done something in the prefecture by the major cities, the power of this three-day moonlight will be comparable to these tampered dimensional rifts.”

As the Moon Empress’ voice fell, the black-veiled Chief Guard Ye said with a sigh, “Xiyue, you’re still the same as 10 years ago.”

The Moon Empress was now lowering her head, looking at her hands. She replied after a long while, “I’ve changed. My heart is now warm.”

The imperial court council started from daylight and slowly to night.

The calm voice from the main seat in the middle said, “Today’s discussion is over. Does anyone have any new ones?”

The Moon Empress glanced at Bamboo Monarch and Chef Supreme before she stood up and answered, “The Radiance Hundred Sequence’s previous test is too monotonous with only the finals. It is also unable to assess their comprehensive strength. Therefore, I suggest we change the test this year.”

The Moon

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