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Chapter 325: Pitiful Little Fellow

If normal Creation Masters were to nurture the Dragon’s Mouth Orchid, the blooming cycle would depend on the Creation Master’s capability.

If a Class 3 Creation Master wished to make a Bronze Dragon’s Mouth Orchid bloom, it would need around one year.

If it was a Class 4 Creation Master, the time would be cut down to nine months.

However, Lin Yuan was observing the Dragon’s Mouth Orchid’s condition in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. If he wanted it to bloom again, it would need another four months.

But Lin Yuan didn’t mind. He had already decided to upgrade this Dragon’s Mouth Orchid from Bronze X/Epic to Bronze X/Legend.

Once the Dragon’s Mouth Orchid’s quality was upgraded to Legend, it would immediately bloom without a need for the blooming cycle.

Since Lin Yuan wanted to use the Dragon’s Mouth Orchid to stimulate Blackie’s dragon-species bloodline, he wanted to use the best.

Therefore, Lin Yuan was planning to find time to nurture this Dragon’s Mouth Orchid from Epic to Legend quality.

To what extent would the Legend Dragon’s Mouth Orchid be able to stimulate the dragon-species bloodline within Blackie? Lin Yuan was looking forward to finding out.

If Blackie was able to stimulate the dragon-species bloodline before upgrading into a Fantasy Breed, it would allow Blackie to have more chances to shift in species due to the bloodline purity when it became a Fantasy Breed.

It would allow the dragon-species bloodline to slowly devour the fish-species bloodline, allowing Blackie to evolve into a dragon-species fey.

Lin Yuan truly wished that Blackie would be able to progress in grade rapidly. If Blackie was able to become a Fantasy Breed and progress in grade, then its Spirit Qi Imprint would have a better effect. It would help to enhance Lin Yuan’s ability to accumulate spirit qi in the Spirit Qi Imprint.

Blackie’s Spirit Qi Imprint had helped Lin Yuan greatly on many occasions. It was already considered Lin Yuan’s trump card.

Blackie was still Bronze X/Legend, and the amount of spirit qi it could release constantly wasn’t considered much. However, if Blackie could evolve into a Silver/Fantasy fey, the amount of spirit qi it could gather in the Spirit Qi Imprint would be ten times more than what it could right now.

However, Lin Yuan was rather worried too. He didn’t know when he could comprehend a Willpower Rune that was suitable for Blackie.

Lin Yuan wasn’t planning to enhance the Dragon’s Mouth Orchid and upgrade its quality to Legend right now. Given his current capability, it would still need five days for him to upgrade a Bronze/Epic fey to the Legend quality. It was truly too long, and he had other important matters to attend to first.

Therefore, this matter had to be slightly delayed.

All of a sudden, Lin Yuan recalled that he found that grayish avian species fey in the Endless Forest, which had a wingspan of close to one meter and a h

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