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Chapter 317: Jade Hairpin Nine-Petaled Plum Blossom

The Aquamarine Elemental Shellfish was a living being, while this long white curved porcelain table was clearly not.

At that moment, Cai Cha, who was standing beside the Moon Empress, poured a cup of tea brewed with epiphyllum tea leaves. She placed this cup of tea on the table and said softly, “Moon Empress, this Jade Hairpin Nine-Petaled Plum Blossom you raised is blooming better and better.”

Upon hearing that, the Moon Empress paused her action of pruning the branches. She examined the Jade Hairpin Nine-Petaled Plum Blossom that she had just finished pruning and answered, “If the whale bone did not supply the water-elemental energy to this Jade Hairpin Plum Blossom, I’m afraid that it would take three years for it to bloom once like this.”

After hearing the Moon Empress’ words, Cai Cha could not help but feel puzzled before she looked embarrassed.

She had always thought that the Moon Empress used the long table made of whale bone so that she would not have to always water the Jade Hairpin Nine-Petaled Plum Blossom.

However, she did not expect that she wanted to let this Jade Hairpin Nine-Petaled Plum Blossom quickly mature instead.

This long white porcelain table was made of a Myth III cetacean fey’s whale bone. It was far more precious than the Jade Hairpin Nine-Petaled Plum Blossom.

Although the Jade Hairpin Nine-Petaled Plum Blossom was a Heaven and Earth Fey, it had a relatively weak efficacy among the Heaven and Earth Feys. This was because its petals were only for hair care.

Even though such hair care was more unorthodox among the Heaven and Earth Feys, it was very useful for some specific feys, like some hairy animal feys. It could greatly increase the brightness and luster of their fur.

The Moon Empress always used the Jade Hairpin Nine-Petaled Plum Blossom’s petals to concoct the spirit fluid for her contracted fey, the Calamity Sun-Swallowing Fox.

Of course, the petals were particularly sought after because they could cure baldness and reduce the recession of the hairline. As a result, the price was astronomical.

If the Moon Empress wasn’t in the mood to prune the plum branches, it probably would not even have the right to be taken to the inner palace.

Cai Cha thought about those rare feys and even Heaven and Earth Feys in the Radiant Moon Palace that outsiders could not see.

Wasn’t it all thanks to the Moon Empress nurturing them and placing them at the corner as ornaments to collect dust?

However, Cai Cha did not know that when the Moon Empress was pruning the flowering branch, she was pruning the heart, not the flowers.

She was still pruning this Jade Hairpin Nine-Petaled Plum Blossom. Unknowingly, she had pruned it smaller.

In her opinion, life was just like this flowering branch. No matter how she cut it, she would still feel that something was not perfect.

Nevertheless, the Moon Empress’ pruning method

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