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The Mother of Bloodbath knew well that it would either metamorphose into a more powerful being or leave behind a broken body under the World Cleansing, and everything in the world would be separated from it.

In its opinion, without the Moon Empress’ casual help, it would probably have been dead when it had evolved from Suzerain/Fantasy V into a Myth Breed. How would it have been able to reach Myth?

Feys were clear between gratitude and revenge.

For the Mother of Bloodbath, the only person in this world it was grateful to was the Moon Empress, which was why it had not hesitated to become Lin Yuan’s Path Protector.

It had very simple thoughts right now. If it died, its broken body was at least useful. This was also all that it could give the Moon Empress in return.

After saying that, the majestic blood energy on the Mother of Bloodbath’s body rushed to the clouds, exploding the deep-blue sky into a dark hole.

A bright-red Law Rune flew out of the Mother of Bloodbath’s back, producing a majestic presence as if it could contend against the heavens.

Such a majestic presence revealed an indefinable truth. It was as though it should have been a part of the core of this world. This was the power of law, as the Law Rune was a law that the world recognized.

At that moment, the Mother of Bloodbath withdrew all its consciousness back into the depths of the mind and mustered all its strength to prepare to resist the World Cleansing.

The Mother of Bloodbath did not realize that Lin Yuan had never thought of leaving the place.

When it had summoned the Law Rune, the Diamond Divine Travel Black Swallow had fled in fear, and the ground beneath Lin Yuan’s feet had turned into yellow sand.

The soil in the Endless Forest was very soft, but the inner layer of ores was hard, which was very suitable for creating high-quality yellow sand.

The Source Sand was rapidly creating sand instinctively.

Lin Yuan was communicating with Morbius in his mind. “Morbius, what do you think the probability of the Mother of Bloodbath surviving this World Cleansing is?”

Morbius’ voice sounded in the depths of his mind. “It’s zero.”

After Morbius had awakened, its True Data had been enhanced. Besides being able to see through an object’s nature, it could also analyze it based on its nature.

Therefore, when Morbius had said that the success rate was zero, the Mother of Bloodbath was doomed to die today.

As Lin Yuan’s contracted fey, Morbius could sense his thoughts, so it said, “You’re my contractor, and I’m your fey, so you don’t have to think so much. Just do what you want to do.”

After saying this, Chimey’s and Genius’ voices also sounded in his mind. There was also Red Thorn’s faint affection and dependence, as though the world would be around if Lin Yuan was.

Lin Yuan transformed Genius into glasses through Tool Transformation and put them on the bridge of his nose.

Then, he let Chimey and Red Thorn cooper

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