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Chapter 226: Dumbstruck Liu Jie

Just as Lin Yuan was dueling on Star Web with Poison Beauty as Black, due to Black’s legendary achievements and high popularity, while the viewers in Poison Beauty’s live-streaming room were fangirling her, they also did so for Black. Therefore, their duel between them spread.

At that moment, many viewers frantically entered her live-streaming room, causing it to become lively.

Cold Wind: “I’m here to cheer on my dream guy! What is Auntie Poison Beauty constantly blabbering about? Just fight if you want to!”

Wandering Soul: “Poison Beauty is showing her skills more. It’s simply a piece of art. If she didn’t do this every time she’s matched with an opponent, I nearly would have believed it!”

I Have a Story So Prepare Your Wine: “Black has almost angered Auntie Du to death. He’s really a man who fails to understand women. He really doesn’t know how to speak.”

What Do You Want From Me: “Poison Beauty is a support-type spirit qi professional. After the mist, she should have pulled apart the formation. I’m really anxious for Black. I wonder if he knows.”

Are You Stupid: “The commenter in front must be Old Lady Du’s viewer. You even understand the setup so clearly.”

At that moment, Long Tao was supposed to be leading the Dragon Gate Guild Club’s main players and reserve team members to the guidance battle. When he heard the people say that Black had gone for the second matchup in the Celestial Stairway promotion duel, he immediately ended the guidance battle and dragged them to the viewing room to watch it.

Long Tao had not been able to get in touch with Black. Although he knew that there were members of the Extreme Guild Club S Tournament reserve team who knew Black, everyone was preparing for the tournament at this stage.

As an A-level Dragon Gate Guild Club main team’s captain, he would not rashly contact the B-level guild club’s S Tournament reserve team members. If people disseminated this news, it would probably cause a big storm in the Tournament Season.

Long Tao naturally hoped to contact Black. Whether he succeeded or not, he at least needed to talk to him face-to-face.

For Long Tao, Black’s second Celestial Stairway promotion duel was akin to observing Black and allowing him to better understand Black’s strength.

Besides wanting to interview Black, Long Tao also felt Black had a familiar aura as if he had seen him somewhere before. This sense of familiarity made him be at a loss and had driven him mad.

The Dragon Gate Guild Club’s members had been training like crazy during this period, and Black’s name was what they had been hearing the most during this period of boring training. Therefore, they had a deep impression of Black and were very curious.

Chen Hongfeng had also lost to Black in his previous promotion duel. He still felt unresigned at his loss and thought that if he had known that Black had a Blue Flash Purple Butterfly, he would have been

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