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Chapter 227: Illusory Mist Western Jackdaw and Poison-Weaving Dark Spider

Wasn’t this azure blue bird Lin Yuan’s contracted Silver/Fantasy Breed fey?

Liu Jie had become very familiar with Chimey during this period. Since Chimey knew that Lin Yuan was usually close to Liu Jie, it was also rather close to Liu Jie and would occasionally eat the Usnea Liu Jie fed it.

Now that Liu Jie had seen Chimey in Black’s Celestial Stairway promotion duel, Black’s identity was self-explanatory.

Before Liu Jie had become Lin Yuan’s retainer, he knew that Lin Yuan had his bottom line and persistence, as well as his own perception and views on things. He was also very hardworking usually.

Lin Yuan had always been an impenetrable mist to Liu Jie. At first, Liu Jie only knew that Lin Yuan was a Class 2 Creation Master. However, the more he had interacted with Lin Yuan, the more he would feel that Lin Yuan was even more mysterious when he felt that he should have already understood him.

Liu Jie unexpectedly learned about Lin Yuan’s identity accidentally—the rising youth hero in the Radiance Federation, Black.

Liu Jie remembered he could always hear people comparing Black’s achievements and his. He had an instinctively favorable impression about Black. Perhaps this was like a type of acknowledgment between people with the same beliefs. However, he did not expect his allegiance was both to Lin Yuan and Black.

Liu Jie recalled all his interactions with Lin Yuan. It was such a youth that had made the same choice as him in times of peril.

As Liu Jie looked at Lin Yuan and the support-type spirit qi professional Poison Beauty, he could not help but feel a little anxious.

Given Liu Jie’s combat experience, at a glance, he naturally saw that Poison Beauty was stalling for time, trying to get her own support-type fey to expand the attack.

Thus, Liu Jie was a little worried about Lin Yuan at this moment, afraid that he would lose this promotion duel because he let Poison Beauty have a lot of preparation time.

Although Liu Jie knew that Lin Yuan had a Silver/Fantasy Breed, Chimey, he never knew how strong he was as a combat-class spirit qi professional.

When Poison Beauty had actually gotten up from the ground, her four contracted feys had fully drawn their stance. She was now trying to find ways to converse with Black for entertainment effects and forcibly suppress her excitement.

As a host who had always been stuck at the Celestial Stairway promotion duels, Poison Beauty could not have been unaware of the popularity caused by Chen Hongfeng’s and Black’s duel. This popularity had made the viewers in Chen Hongfeng’s live-streaming room increase by over ten times than before.

Poison Beauty was very envious of his popularity. She had been imagining how good it would be to encounter Black in the promotion duels. In the duel between Black and Chen Hongfeng, she had carefully studied Black’s combat power, and the conclusi

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