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Layer after layer of lightning, coupled with thunderclaps that seemed they could explode the vault of the sky, landed on the Mother of Bloodbath and split its body into a bloody mist. That blood-red Law Rune was vaguely circulating in the bloody mist. However, the Mother of Bloodbath could not transform into a human.

Thanks to the thunderclap, the bright-red, magnificent bloody mist became gradually weakened.

Lin Yuan suddenly heard the Mother of Bloodbath’s voice. “Lin Yuan, I can’t hold on anymore. Run with all your might.”

He pursed his lips and did not utter a word. At this very moment, he unlocked the Spirit Qi Imprint that he had accumulated for months. The spiritual power in the Spirit Qi Imprint differed greatly from back then.

The Bronze/Epic Spirit-Gather Goldfish with the dragon-species bloodline had constantly been gathering spirit qi in the Spirit Qi Imprint day and night, forming a scalable spirit qi current. When the spirit qi current entered Lin Yuan’s body, his white robe fluttered.

Lin Yuan looked at the Mother of Bloodbath’s constantly weakening blood-colored red mist and shouted, “Pure Land of Bliss!”

The white sand of ten square meters suddenly emerged on the yellow sand beneath the Mother of Bloodbath and was filled with the smell of new life and purity.

Lustrous light arose from the white grains of sand in the Pure Land of Bliss that unhurriedly fused with the Mother of Bloodbath’s constantly weakening blood-red mist because of the thunderclap and lightning.

The Mother of Bloodbath, which had been struck into a bloody mist, had wanted to use its last bit of energy to send Lin Yuan away.

However, as this white sand’s lustrous light charged toward its body, the Mother of Bloodbath could clearly feel its injured and damaged roots constantly recovering.

Suffering damaged roots and suffering serious injuries were two different things. Injuries could be healed, but it was hard to restore damaged roots.

At that moment, the Mother of Bloodbath could sense its damaged roots constantly getting better and better. The spirit qi current in Lin Yuan’s Spirit Qi Imprint was conducted into this Pure Land of Bliss.

Otherwise, given Morbius’ current strength, the Pure Land of Bliss could not heal a fey like the Mother of Bloodbath that was at Suzerain/Myth I and was nearing Myth II.

Actually, Lin Yuan could not help the Mother of Bloodbath to fully recover by using the Pure Land of Bliss. However, there was a chance for the Mother of Bloodbath to break free from the World Cleansing, metamorphose into a human form, and alternate between human and beast before advancing into Myth II.

The Pure Land of Bliss constantly healed its damaged roots, allowing it to seize this opportunity.

The source energy within its red mist fused into the Law Rune and constantly tempered it. Finally, the red mist burst out with an earth-shattering force.

A blood-red pillar of light full of pressure hi

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