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Chapter 229: Breaking All Laws With One Force

Chimey’s body was burning with a glazed flame like a clear glow, just like a divine bird that had added radiance to its body. It had turned from an azure blue sparrow into its current state in just a moment.

This instant was so fast that Poison Beauty could not react in time, nor could she command any of her contracts feys.

While Poison Beauty was stunned, the Gold VII/Flawless Poison-Weaving Dark Spider instinctively used its Silver ability, Mist Transformation Spider Web, and Gold ability, Web Attachment, to produce Poisonous Spider Webs to protect itself and its contractor.

It wanted to use the Poisonous Spider Webs to stop the momentum of Chimey’s impact, but the glazed flame on Chimey’s body was simply too hot. Coupled with the fact that it had been releasing Scattered Light while charging over, the burning Scattered Light and the glazed flames on its body caused these Poisonous Spider Webs to be burned to ashes immediately at ten meters away from it.

The Silver X/Elite Carrion Parasol Mushroom was desperately releasing fungi and toxins into the air. But before any toxins could get close to Chimey, the glazed flame had burned them into nothing.

As a duelist who had experienced 1,000 Star Web duels, Poison Beauty had come back to her senses.

Two words flashed in her mind—Fantasy Breed!

This petite azure blue sparrow fey had not exerted its full strength in the previous Celestial Stairway promotion duel but had instead used its body to help Black block the energy beam. However, it was actually a Fantasy Breed.

Poison Beauty no longer had the mood to think so much. She relied on her deep combat consciousness and commanded the Tainted Toad by her side, “Swallow me and then quickly jump away.”

The Tainted Toad’s limbs were buried deep in the land beneath it, incessantly polluting the land. When it received Poison Beauty’s order, it shot out its tongue and swallowed her into its stomach. She had discarded this Tainted Toad at this moment.

In this duel, she wanted to use this Tainted Toad as a meat shield to protect herself. It was a kind of lifeform very good at jumping. It could jump dozens of meters due to its hind legs’ strong muscles.

Poison Beauty believed that as long as the Tainted Toad could jump away, she could still survive even if she was severely injured. However, when it was about to pull out its limbs from the polluted land and jump to the side, it found that its limbs were firmly locked in the soil and could not move at all.

There was no time for the Tainted Toad and Poison Beauty to think. The Twilight Starbird, Chimey, was burning with glazed flames as it crashed into the Tainted Toad that had swallowed Poison Beauty.

Such a collision was not bloody because when the Tainted Toad and Chimey made contact, the Tainted Toad’s body also ignited with glazed flames just like the sun’s clear glow.

Under this glazed flame, it was as

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