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Chapter 231: Hehe, I’m Black

The next day, the early morning sunlight shone into the house and caused the furniture made of jade-textured wooden materials inside to give off a soft light, with a kind of simple charm circulating in the room.

Genius nestled on Lin Yuan’s chest, sleeping soundly, while Chimey was nestled on his neck. The feathers on the top of its head rubbed against his neck when it moved its little head.

This subtle commotion made him open his eyes. Such a relaxing rest had washed away the exhaustion he had before.

Lin Yuan put Chimey and Genius carefully on the pillow and moved the blanket upward so that both of their heads were exposed.

Then, he picked up a set of clothes that Wen Yu had helped to prepare in advance last night, put them on, and left the room.

He basically never wore white clothes. Now that he had put on a white silk robe, it made his youth aura more outstanding.

As he was heading downstairs, he saw Liu Jie walking out of the kitchen with porridge and side dishes.

Upon seeing Lin Yuan, Liu Jie smiled and said, “Good morning, Lin Yuan.”

Lin Yuan quickly walked down the stairs. “Big Brother Liu, I’ll help you.”

At that moment, Wen Yu came in from outside and said, “Young Master, your delivery has arrived.”

When Lin Yuan heard that, he put the plate of freshly cut fruits he had taken from Liu Jie on the table before he hurriedly headed toward the door.

Since the Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, Hu Quan, was going to deliver the fish tank made of jade-textured red sandalwood tomorrow, Lin Yuan still had a lot of arrangements to prepare for the fish tank.

These newly bought feys from the Star Web had really wasted a lot of Lin Yuan’s effort, as he had been buying them at a high price for the past ten days.

Lin Yuan was a Creation Master. He had never felt how rare the Silver Usneas and Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, which were in high demand, were. But the acquisition of this large batch of feys made him deeply understand how valuable rare fey resources were.

These feys were low-grade ones that Creation Masters had not enhanced, but it had cost Lin Yuan a huge sum of Radiance dollars.

The courier that he had signed for was carrying two Gold fey storage boxes. After signing the receipt, he put them in his Spirit Lock spatial zone and went to the dining hall to eat breakfast with Liu Jie and Wen Yu.

Wen Yu came out of the kitchen and raised the peppermint meat patty and said, “Young Master, I don’t know what ingredients Big Brother Liu added to the peppermint meat patty this morning, but it smells much better than usual.”

Liu Jie said with a smile as he carried a pot of freshly boiled milk, “I used Gold pig feys’ meat for the peppermint meat patty this time, so it smells extra fragrant.”

During the meal, they chatted as usual. However, Lin Yuan could vaguely sense that Liu Jie was much quieter than usual this morning as if he had something on his min

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